How To Add A Heading Before The Quantity Based Discounts On The Order Form

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    The Wholesale Order Form is specifically designed for a streamlined ordering process to make it as fast as possible for existing wholesale customers to order from you.

    When using the Order Form with Prices Premium, you’ll find that the details of the Quantity Based Discounts are shown directly under the regular price in a very simply styled table.

    A few people have asked if it’s possible to add a heading prior to the quantity discounts table to indicate to new wholesale customers that they can order more and get a further discount.

    Here’s a snippet of code which adds a small heading before the quantity discounts table and gives you a CSS class “wholesale-quantity-discount-heading” to style it with.

    Just add the following to your functions.php in your theme:

    function addQuantityDiscountsHeading($html) {
    	$html = str_replace('<ul class="wholesale-price-quantity-discount-lists">', '<p class="wholesale-quantity-discount-heading">Quantity discounts available:</p><ul class="wholesale-price-quantity-discount-lists">', $html);
    	return $html;
    add_filter('wwof_filter_product_item_price', 'addQuantityDiscountsHeading', 10, 1);
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