How to hide/disable the add to cart button based on product type

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    If you’re looking for a way to restrict your wholesale user from purchasing products with a specific product type, for example, you want to prevent them from purchasing simple products, variable products or even product bundles, you can do that by using a custom snippet.

    The snippet below is an example to hide the add to cart button on the product and product catalog page. It checks if the logged in user is a wholesale customer based on the wholesale role key and if it is a simple product. Then it hides/disables the add to cart button.


    add_action('wp','wwp_remove_add_to_cart_on_product_type', 99);
    function wwp_remove_add_to_cart_on_product_type() {
      global $current_user;
      $product = wc_get_product();
      if (isset($current_user) && class_exists('WWP_Wholesale_Roles')) {
         $wwp_wholesale_roles = WWP_Wholesale_Roles::getInstance();
         $wwp_wholesale_role = $wwp_wholesale_roles->getUserWholesaleRole();
      //Checks if the logged in user is wholesale_customer
      if (!empty($wwp_wholesale_role) && in_array('wholesale_customer', $wwp_wholesale_role)) {
      // Change the product type, in this example it is 'simple' for simple products
      if ( $product instanceof WC_Product && $product->is_type( 'simple' ) ) {
      // This filter will disable the add to cart button
        add_filter( 'woocommerce_is_purchasable', '__return_false');


    If you wish to hide these products from your WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form, you’ll need to do an additional step to hide them. You can go to  WooCommerce > Settings > Wholesale Ordering > Filters, and add the products in the Exclude Product Filter.


    Exclude Product Filter, WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form