How to improve the loading speed of Wholesale Order Form

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    The loading speed of the Wholesale Order Form depends on a variety of reasons such as the specs of the server, the number of plugins running, the number of products you want to display, and others.

    Usually, when Wholesale WooCommerce Prices Premium is active, it takes a much longer time for the Wholesale Order Form to finish loading as it runs through each product to check and calculate its wholesale price and requirements.

    Number Of Products Shown

    We recommend testing out the loading time and adjust the number of products displayed on your wholesale order form.

    Please go to WooCommerce > Settings > Wholesale Ordering > General and set the Products Per Page and adjust based on how you see the form performing on the front end.

    Enable Lazy Loading

    Lazy Loading uses AJAX to keep the loading of additional products into the form as you scroll down. This is instead of the normal method of paginating the form.

    From the customer’s perspective, this might feel speedier depending on the size of your catalog and what their browsing for.

    Variable Products

    When dealing with variable products, each variation counts individually in the backend process.

    This is why it takes time for the WooCommerce Prices Premium to run through each variation to check the wholesale price, visibility, and other per variation requirements.

    For example, you might only have 5 products to display if each has 10 variations when the process begins, it’s similar to calculating a total of 50 products to display all at once in the order form page.

    While the form is coded to be as efficient as possible when loading products, the more variations your products have on average, the more this might pose a loading speed issue.

    This can also be useful to know when calculating the products per page setting that you want to have as it can actually be computing many more times than expected which may cause some slow loading.

    Need Help Tweaking?

    If you are still running into problems with the loading speed, feel free to reach out to our friendly support team for advice.

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