How To Override Order Form Templates

The WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form gives your wholesale customers a brilliant ordering experience.

But sometimes you need to provide more information or might want to tweak the layout even further beyond what the plugin offers out of the box.

That’s where template overrides come in.

The Order Form plugin lets you override its templates in much the same way as WooCommerce itself does, so those that are familiar with WooCommerce’s template overriding will find this just as simple.

To override a template file:

  1. Navigate to the /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-wholesale-order-form/templates/ directory
  2. Copy the .php file you wish to override
  3. Paste the file in your theme under a directory called ‘woocommerce’. This should look something like: /wp-content/themes/your-theme/woocommerce/[template file to override].php

Template files that you can override:

  • wwof-product-details.php
    This is the popup window when you click a product (if you enable the Display the product details in a lightbox popup on click? option)
  • wwof-product-listing-filter.php
    This is the order form section that holds options like the search box, category filter, search button, etc.
  • wwof-product-listing.php
    This is the default listing (rows)
  • wwof-product-listing-alternate-lazyload.php
    This is the alternate listing when you enable the Use Alternate View Of Wholesale Page? and Disable Pagination? Options
  • wwof-product-listing-alternate.php
    This is the alternate listing when you enable the Use Alternate View Of Wholesale Page? option
  • wwof-product-listing-lazyload.php
    This is the default listing when you enable the Disable Pagination? option

The plugin will search your theme and detect these overrides and use them over the bundled plugin versions.

Keep in mind, when you update the plugin, sometimes template files will need to be updated to keep up with the latest features.

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