New Year’s Resolution for WooCommerce Wholesalers (2023)

Wholesalers New Year's Resolution for WooCommerce (2023)

New Year’s resolutions are about becoming the best version of yourself. The new you that is better, stronger, and more confident than before. But for wholesalers like you, goals are also about making yourself profitable and sustainable – something you can continue with for years to come.

Now that 2022 is almost over, it’s time to start thinking about your New Year’s Resolution and ask yourself: what will I do to make 2023 the best year for my business? Will these strategies help me get back on track or help me expand my company, even more, the following year?

If you’re looking to start fresh, there are several things that you should set out to achieve in the first few months of the new year. In this article, we listed the top 5 things you shouldn’t miss if you want to start the year strong. Let’s get into it!

What Went Wrong In 2022?

First and foremost, let’s talk about the things you want to improve in your wholesale store.

Worried about keeping track of inventory? Don’t know how to price? Can’t retain wholesale leads?

It’s important for you to narrow down your challenges and understand first what went wrong the year before to properly come up with a plan of action next year.

For instance, if you’re having difficulty managing inventory, hit the ground running in 2023 by investing in software that automates every stage of your workflow.

  • Keep tabs on products without drowning in a sea of documents and spreadsheets.
  • Stop juggling spreadsheets, invoices, and shipping labels by investing in automated workflows for all aspects of your business.

Hitting the same roadblocks, again and again, is normal when you have so many responsibilities — but there’s no excuse for not being prepared for the new year. Because of this, make a list of everything you want to get better at in the next year before you jump in and write down your New Year’s resolution.

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions For Wholesalers (2023)

No matter how much you love your product, there’s always room for improvement. The more you learn, the better you get. And that applies to your business as well as your personal life.

So, in this section, we’ll help you set a resolution for your business that will help it grow and expand while being profitable and stress-free at the same time:

1. Understand the market better

Your customers, suppliers, and competitors are just a few examples of the people who make up your market. But the success of your company will be largely determined by these three key figures.

Obviously, the people that are purchasing from your company are your customers. It will be easier for you to transform your product into one that will appeal to your target market if you are aware of what they like, how much they will pay, what they appreciate, and what they need.

This 2023, make sure to ask your customers for feedback at every stage as you create your company, product, or service. This will help you narrow down your growth potential and also determine what kind of development needs to take place in your store moving forward.

2. Automate everything

And when I say everything, I mean everything.

Wholesale Suite is a complete wholesale solution for WooCommerce. It helps wholesalers like you automate your wholesale store easily.

E-commerce is a dynamic industry. If you want to be successful in this space, you have to master the art of technology and use every bit of it to your advantage. For instance, if you’re still manually tracking your inventory on a spreadsheet, now is the perfect time to use an inventory management system.

Or if you haven’t yet established your wholesale management solution, 2023 should be the year that you begin looking into your possibilities. In addition to speeding up your operations, doing this will make managing a wholesale store much simpler for you.

3. Streamline the ordering process

For businesses that sell to other businesses (B2B), developing an online ordering system is a huge problem. It’s crucial to have a method for customers to place purchases without repeatedly calling or emailing you, whether you work through wholesalers, distributors, or other businesses directly.

An online ordering process or order form streamlines the procedure and increases the productivity of your store, not to mention that it makes a good impression on potential clients.

Sample Wholesale Order Form (click to zoom)

If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient tool that will help you kickstart your wholesale order form, check out Wholesale Suite’s Order Form Plugin. This helps you decrease frustration and increase order size by giving you full customization control on your wholesale catalog.

4. Speed up the shipping process

It’s time to deliver items more effectively now that ordering has been made simpler.

Shoppers claim that 62% of their decisions are influenced by delivery times. Currently, 2- to 3-day shipping is considered to be the standard delivery promise by 90% of consumers. Anything slower falls short of consumer expectations.

Amazon helped make quick and (usually) free shipping mainstream. Today, the majority of online shoppers want their items to arrive as soon as possible – the quicker, the better.

In 2023, if you want to keep up with the pressure and competition in the market, it’s crucial that you ship out orders faster than you did the previous. This could entail identifying more effective carriers, expediting the order processing procedure, and introducing new shipping origins.

5. Build or grow your network

You’ve done major improvements in your wholesale store. Now it’s time to generate more sales.

That shouldn’t be too hard, right? You’ve done your market research, enhanced your order management and delivery process, and are now completely prepared to sell…

But what about the people you need to sell to?!

Every wholesaler understands the value of creating a strong consumer network that will regularly free up your shelves. Additionally, even though you’ll always be looking for fresh and cutting-edge products that will attract new customers, it might be difficult to stand out from the clamor of thousands of other vendors without a loyal consumer base.

It’s not an impossible task, though; if it were, nobody would ever make a sale. By learning how to build a pipeline for leads as well as track and manage those leads, you can help yourself get your product in front of merchants and ultimately into the hands of customers.

Spend less time and automatically find wholesale clients for your WooCommerce store.

If you’re yet to build your own lead-capturing system, the best way to get started is our Lead Capture plugin. This takes the pain out of manually recruiting & registering wholesale customers by giving you access to the following features:

  • Fully-customizable registration form builder
  • Complete user approvals system
  • Automated email sequence
  • Automatic setup (+ free default email templates)
  • And many more!


You’re about to enter the start of the year, which means that it is time to look ahead and plan for the new year. You may be the owner of a wholesale store with a long list of improvements you’d like to make but no idea where to begin. Or maybe you simply have a general desire to expand your business?

In any case, we’re here to help! In this article, we listed 5 new year’s resolution tailored-fit for WooCommerce wholesalers you can add to your list:

  1. Understand Market Better
  2. Automate Everything
  3. Streamline Ordering Process
  4. Speed Up Shipping
  5. Build or Grow Network

Do you have any questions about wholesaling or improving your wholesale store in 2023? Let us know in the comment box down below or send us a message!


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