How To Survey Customers In WooCommerce

Surveying customers in WooCommerce has mostly been done, up until now, by adding an extra field to your checkout screen to ask a question as people are making an order.

What this solution doesn’t take into account is the negative effect on conversion rates.

Adding extra fields to your checkout screen might sound like an easy solution, but it means you force people to fill in extra fields and in a world where shorter forms tend to correlate to higher conversion rates, that’s a big problem.

Problem number 2 for this quick solution is getting any sort of report out of it to make sense of the answers you’re receiving.

How To Run A Survey After A Customer Orders In WooCommerce

WooCommerce Surveys survey customers

The best solution is to run the survey after your customer goes through the checkout.

This eliminates the problem of hurting conversion rates on your checkout page and introduces another way to engage with customers right when you have their attention.

After Sale Surveys is a free plugin that is part of the Marketing Suite set of marketing automation extensions for WooCommerce.

It lets you setup quick after the sale surveys on your WooCommerce store for surveying customers right after their purchase.

Easy To Setup Surveys In WooCommerce

WooCommerce Survey Question Editor

The plugin includes a really simple to use survey builder.

You simply add a new survey, then create set of questions and answer using the tools provided.

Using this survey building tool you can literally have your survey up and running in minutes.

Add as many questions as you like. The free version comes with one question type but there is also a Premium add-on that adds additional question and answer types.

Question types include:

  • Multiple Choice Single Answer
  • Multiple Choice Multiple Answers (Premium)
  • Single Line Text (Premium)
  • Paragraph Text (Premium)
  • Dropdown Single Answer (Premium)

There is also a pre-survey call to action that you can set to entice customers to fill in the survey.

After they fill in the survey you can show them a thank you message where you can thank them for their participation. It’s a great time to drop a coupon code for their next order, or draw their attention to something else you want them to do.

These surveys are built for really high engagement.

Add a survey to your order flow today and you’ll be collecting responses on your very next orders.

Click here to read more about it and to download the free version:

Download from Read more about After Sale Surveys


4 thoughts on “How To Survey Customers In WooCommerce

  1. Just finished setting up our first WP/Woo site. wanted to get more info from customers and After Sale Surveys looks like the perfect solution. To bad you can not buy the premium version anymore. If there going to be some type of replacement?

    1. Hey David, thanks for the question.

      We still have the freebie plugin around, no plans to get rid of that, however, the premium marketing suite had to be wound down. Some concepts may return in the future though :) I’m still personally using After Sale Surveys so I’m keen to see it live on if possible!

  2. Since you are not offering the premium plugin anymore, any way to unlock the text entry fields on the survey questions instead of just having multiple choice available?

    1. Hi Suzette, not in the free version of After Sales Surveys I’m afraid, the code that drives those options is not in that plugin.

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