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Thank you for considering the Wholesale Suite extensions for WooCommerce and welcome to our web designer friendly introduction.

We put together this guide for agencies and freelancers such as yourself that are helping a client build a WooCommerce based store that requires a wholesale component.

Our hope is that this guide will give you the 10,000 foot view of our plugins including what they are specifically used for, when to use them, and how to use them. We also hope this will give you the knowledge and confidence to suggest this solution to your clients as the right solution for them.

Understanding The Wholesale Suite Components

Our Wholesale Suite is made up of three distinct parts that control different aspects of the overall wholesale solution.

Depending on the level of sophistication of the solution you are giving your client, they may need just one, some of them or your client might benefit from all three of them.

The plugins in our suite can be used separately or together. If used together the result is a very powerful and comprehensive solution for wholesaling in WooCommerce.

1. Wholesale Pricing Control

Wholesale pricing for your products in WooCommerce are controlled via two extensions.

The first, WooCommerce Wholesale Prices, is a free extension found on This provides a single method of pricing control by adding a new field alongside the Regular Price fields that is shown only to users with the “Wholesale Customer” user role.

This new role is added to the system with the basic Wholesale Prices plugin and any users that require wholesale pricing access can be given this new user role to enable access when they are logged in.

The second extension, WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium, adds a whole host of additional features centred around pricing, additional wholesale role levels, minimum order requirements, shipping gateway and payment gateway mapping, tax control, integrations with other 3rd party extensions, and much much more.

For a full run down of the features of both the free plugin and the Premium pricing plugin please see the product page.

2. Ordering Experience

Providing an amazing ordering experience for a wholesale customer can do wonders for customer retention and overall customer happiness.

The difference between regular customers and wholesale customers is the latter are often already familiar with the store’s products. This means forcing them to navigate the standard category and product pages is time consuming and frustrating.

Our WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form was designed specifically to alleviate this issue giving wholesale customers an ordering experience that is optimized to the task.

The order form allows ordering of Simple as well as Variable products. Multiple attribute variations are combined into a single dropdown selector which reduces the number of clicks required to order a variation.

You can alter the product and category visibility to users of the form via the settings or even via the order form shortcode options.

3. User Management

Once your client gets past the first few wholesale customers on their system the burden of managing so many users and recruiting new wholesale customers becomes more obvious.

We built the WooCommerce Wholesale Lead Capture extension to ease the amount of hands-on management that is required.

It provides a customisable wholesale registration form, a wholesale login page, and also the ability to moderate customers. You can also have new wholesale customers requiring manual approval or you can have them auto approved. New customers are then assigned the proper wholesale customer role once their account is approved, reducing the number of steps your client needs to do in order to manage new wholesale customers.

A number of emails are fired during the sequence to keep customers informed of the status of their account and the wording and design of these emails are customisable as well.

Licensing Details

In most cases, your client will own the website after you have finished developing it, so we recommend that you purchase the Wholesale Suite in their name so they can access support if you discontinue your business or if they shift to another developer.

The license is valid for use on any site the license holder owns.

If you purchase our products as a freelancer or as the agency you represent then this is valid for use only on the project you are doing for that client.

A license to our products allows for:

  • Use on unlimited websites that you own
  • 1 year automatic updates via the WordPress dashboard
  • 1 year email support

To enable automatic updates you must enter both your purchase email address and license key (provided to you upon purchase) in the Settings area under the plugin settings.

Our Support Team

Email support is available 24/7 and our team of dedicated support engineers are trained on our products to answer common queries quickly and efficiently.

If your issue requires further investigation or development team assistance one of our friendly testers or developers will help you personally.

Common Questions

What is your refund policy?

14 days, no questions asked. Simply email our friendly support crew and if they can’t get you up and running we’re happy to refund your purchase. See here for more details.

Does your plugin do [insert feature here]?

Probably! Our suite is the most feature packed on the market. Please click on “see all features” above on each plugin for a detailed rundown of all included features.

When do I get my plugins?

The plugins are delivered immediately after payment via email and links on the order received screen.

I’m an agency, who should buy the plugins?

Ideally, your client should purchase the license as they will then be able to claim support themselves if you aren’t around.

Do you have a demo?

Yes! We have a full demo site, please see here.

Other Questions?

Please get in touch with our pre-sales team via the product form below and we will gladly assist with your enquiry.

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