Wholesale Suite Integrations With Other WooCommerce Extensions

We pride ourselves on being the most integration friendly wholesale solution for WooCommerce. Our team has worked hard to ensure a level of compatibility with all major extensions with many more collaborations in the works.

Here are some of our most popular integrations:

Full integration with WPML. No limitations.

Partial Integration with WPML’s Multi-Currency feature. Does not support automatic currency conversion, you must used fixed conversion amounts.

Full Integration with WooCommerce Composite Products but with one limitation. Doesn’t display total price on single product page as the adjusted wholesale total. Must add to cart to see total wholesale price. We display a nice message to indicate this to customers. This doesn’t affect usage of the integration.

See the full details about WooCommerce Composite Products and Wholesale Suite integration.

Full integration with WooCommerce Product Addons. No limitations.

Partial integration with WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities. Wholesale Prices Premium’s min quantity rule takes precedence.

Full integration with WooCommerce Show Single Variations. No limitations.

Full integration with WooCommerce Xero. No limitations.

Full integration. Requires that you press the Re-initialize Product Visibility Meta button under Settings after import.

Disclaimer & Notes

While we do our best to maintain this list to 100% accuracy from time to time there might arise incompatibilities which affect the integration.

We are constantly adding to this list. If a plugin that you are using on your site doesn’t appear in the list, it does NOT mean it is incompatible. It just means we just haven’t formally tested it yet.

In most cases, our plugins work together with other off the shelf plugins without issue.

If you would like to:

  • Report a compatible plugin to add to this list
  • Report a plugin that you are having trouble using alongside Wholesale Suite
  • Ask if a plugin is compatible before purchasing

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