Free Wholesale Price Calculator

How To Get A Free Wholesale Price Calculator (3 Easy Steps)

Someone might say, “a dollar a day makes an omelet — not a spreadsheet.” If you want to make money online, you need to understand how the different facets of the business work together. The same applies to finding the right price for your item via a wholesale price calculator.

This doesn’t mean you should just put up whatever price your competitors are charging—you need to use a wholesale price calculator to ensure that the final sale price is the best way for your customers to buy from you. If you don’t have one yet, you may want to look into getting one.

There are many different wholesale price calculators out there, and they can help you determine the best prices for different products and services. But in this article, we’ll show you how to get a FREE and comprehensive wholesale price calculator in 3 easy steps. Let’s get into it!

What Is A Wholesale Price Calculator?

A wholesale price calculator is an online tool that allows you to input a product or service you want to sell and find out the prices of other companies selling the same item. With this tool, you can figure out quickly if you’re pricing your product or service at a price that will be profitable—and what price to charge if you want to sell more items.

For example, if you’re selling T-shirts and you want to know what price to charge to break even on the sale, a wholesale price calculator can tell you what you need to charge per shirt.

Or if you’re selling sunglasses and want to determine what profit margin you need to make this profitable. In that case, you can use this tool to see what other companies sell sunglasses for.

When Is A Wholesale Price Right For You?

You can use wholesale price calculators to determine the best price for your products and services at any time. It’s best to use one when pricing a new product or service, though you can also use one for existing products and services.

Additionally, the prices you find out with a price calculator can help you decide on pricing for your items or determine if your chosen price is profitable. You can also use a wholesale price calculator to learn what other companies charge for similar items.

Why Do You Need A Wholesale Price Calculator?

Wholesale price calculators are invaluable for anyone who sells their product or service through a wholesale channel. They make it much easier to understand how much your product will cost another business before they even sell it.

A wholesaler’s price is a customer’s final price when buying a product from the wholesaler rather than directly from you.

Suppose you sell anything related to food, clothing, beauty supplies, or other goods and services through a wholesale channel. In that case, you know that your customers will often come to you with questions about estimated prices.

It can be difficult to answer these questions because pricing can vary considerably from business to business and even industry to industry. Potential customers won’t be comfortable making informed purchasing decisions without access to as many details as possible.

How To Get A Wholesale Price Calculator (In 3 Steps)

Here’s at Wholesale Suite we love bringing wholesale stores awesome free tools like this free wholesale price calculator. This comprehensive tool for wholesale pricing enables you to compute in three different ways:

Unlike any other free wholesale pricing tool, Wholesale Suite adds another level of computing efficiency. We included helpful references in this tool to ensure you fully comprehend your price structure’s breakdown:

Step 1. Decide on the wholesale pricing method.

Regardless of how much you price individual packages, having a wholesale pricing strategy is not enough. You need to set the right pricing structure to drive consistent profit margins and give you the best return on your investment.

As mentioned, this free tool offers three different ways to calculate pricing. We’ll go over each of them individually in this section:

Cost-Based Pricing Method

Cost-based pricing uses cost as the basis for setting prices. Instead of basing prices on volume or price, cost-based pricing considers the actual costs of providing a service. It does this so that the price charged for its services is based on their value to the company getting them.

In other words, cost-based pricing makes sure that the company providing the service gets what it pays for, which will usually be a higher rate than if it were priced based on volume alone.

Sample Cost-Based Computation
Sample Cost-Based Computation (click to zoom)

If you want to compute your wholesale price following the cost-based pricing method, you only have to find the wholesale price by estimating costs + markup:

Materials Cost + (Labour Invested x How Much You Value Time) + Other Overheads (Rent, Fixed Costs, Electricity, etc) + Profit Margin = Wholesale Price

Guess-Work Pricing Method

The guess-work pricing method is a cost-effective way to reduce the price of your product or service. It involves consistently charging a fixed price for all your products and services. You never guess what customers will pay, so you give them an exact amount when they purchase.

You can find the guessed-worked price in wholesale by estimating the desired retail price:

Sample Guess-Work Computation
Sample Guess-Work Computation (click to zoom)

Value-Based Pricing Method

Value-based pricing is a customer value-based purchasing method that helps you identify the costs and benefits of your products and services to ensure they are being purchased most efficiently. It is more than a catchy way of saying “pricing based on actual cost.”

By understanding what value your customers place on a product, you can bolster that value with the price, so you are not spending money on unproductive resources!

Sample Value-Based Computation (click to zoom)
Sample Value-Based Computation (click to zoom)

The concept is simple – measure the cost and benefit of each purchase and adjust prices accordingly. Once you understand the impact this has on your bottom line, the benefits of implementing this process become obvious.

Step 2. Download Wholesale Suite’s Wholesale Price Calculator.

Do you have a preferred wholesale pricing method in mind by now? Then it’s time to calculate!

Step 3. Input the necessary values or amounts into the formula.

You can try the tool and start computing once everything is ready and the file has been downloaded!

Make sure to download the file or make a copy of it so you can quickly enter any desired quantity or value into the provided equations.


Unless you’re a pro, you won’t find many people that can accurately predict the wholesale price of your product. Even fewer can give you an accurate breakdown of how much it will cost to sell your product on average. That’s where wholesale price calculators come in handy!

You can calculate your wholesale pricing with the FREE, in-depth wholesale price calculator created by Wholesale Suite. And in this article, we provided you with three simple steps to get going:

  1. Decide on the wholesale pricing method.
  2. Download Wholesale Suite’s Wholesale Price Calculator.
  3. Input the necessary values or amounts into the formula.

Try it out and share your thoughts with us in the comment section below or by emailing us!