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Excellent Plugin and Support.The plugin does everything it says it will and every time I have needed assistance, they have been quick, courteous and help me get things running smoothly, just the way I want it too! Five Stars for sure!!

- bfauscette

Best Wholesale Plugin.The Wholesale Suite plugin performs exactly as promised. What I didnt expect was actual live and ongoing support from the Wholesale Suite Support team. They were very careful to understand and diagnose any issues, recommending great solutions all along even for areas not a part of their plugin. Best support experience, hands down.

- cddunagan

Works great once its up and running.I absolutely do not agree with the reviews that claim theres no support. Ive reached out to the developers a couple times and they responded quickly (less than 6 hours) and were seriously helpful. Looking forward to seeing how this app evolves over time. However, I hope they add some options for customizing the look and feel in the future.

- dkokin

Great product with great support.This does everything we need it to do and when we had a recurring issue the support was top notch. We got replies to our ticket within hours, not days. Every time.

- happydog5954

Great product and support.Plugins works well, has a good range of options and support is excellent if you need it. Recommended Woocommerce Wholesale plugin.

- gvnet

Great Support!Fauzan was wonderful with communication and investigating the issues I was having. I would recommend Wholesale Suite! It has what you need to get wholesale customers ordering online!

- timfriesen

Skip the other wholesale plugins, this is the one.Thank you for providing me with such a stable piece of software. I had to try two other useless wholesale plugins before I found yours & thank god you had a 50% off offer so the client would go for the $50 increase in our costs.

- klevr

Highly recommend.Amazing plugin. Ive got The Wholesale Suite Bundle and it is easy to integrate, + nice options.

- zarsky1861

Great Support.The support has always been very good for this plugin and we have been very happy with it!

- sbmar

Superb product with incredible support.Works brilliantly on my homemade wordpress e-commerce site. I had a few teething errors thanks to my theme being a little out of date, but the Wholesale Suite Team sorted everything out with no fuss. I can absolutely recommend this plugin- worth every penny.

- bexawright

My go to for anything trade/wholesale.I have a few clients that all use this extension successfully. When Ive had questions Fauzan and the rest of the team have answered them very quickly. Highly recommend.

- machinedean

Flexible Product Responsive Customer Support.I use Wholesale Suite, of which WooCommerce Wholesale Prices is one component, for my clients who need flexible pricing models for their B2B customers. Several levels of product pricing discounts are provided, as needed, and the client can choose to use or not as their business model dictates. The few times Ive needed support from the development team, they have been very responsive to my questions and concerns and have provided temporary and permanent solutions in quick time. They have also proposed a workaround to address the issue prior to the release of the final solution.

- Reed Steinmetz

Excellent support.We had a few issues with the Premium Plugin, but the support was very patient and helpful and solved them all for us.

- sharikrez

Just what we needed.This is the perfect plugin for what we were trying to do. Now we can have customer accounts that act like a dealer account. We are able to set prices on multiple items. The only thing that would make this easier would be a batch edit option where I could set the price reduction on multiple products at once.

- moacustoms

Excellent Service Above and Beyond.I had an issue with integration with a third party product and Wholesale Suite. Instead of telling me what so many other developers do we cannot offer support for third party products, they delved into the issue and because they didnt give up, they managed to resolve it.

- wizard247

Good plugin, great support.Were using this plugin on one of our client sites and it works well. Had a bug come up because the clients license had expired and they had not updated in a while, support were helpful and we were back up in running in no time.

- Kyle Tully

Infinite patience.I am amazed with the technical service. I spent weeks trying to solve a problem that I had, which was not directly with the plugin, although it was related. And they didnt leave me alone at any time. Every day they were in contact with me until they helped me to solve it. A 10 for them.

- homesecret

Amazing Support and Best Plugin.These guys are very quick to help with any issues. They really are a pleasure to deal with and the plugin is the best Wholesale Pricing plugin out there for WordPress, hands down.

- youniquecreation

Quick and good support.Had an issue with the plugin. Was solved quickly and turned out to be a configuration error on my side.

- Studio Gewaagd

Awesome and the support is 5*.Thank you for helping find the plugin that was causing the errors, your immediate help was very helpful!

- eavinu

Great plugin suite, and great support.The Wholesale Suite dev team have been super helpful with both support tickets and feature requests. This plugin suite has a dedicated team behind it, and keeps improving with WordPress and Woocommerce. Also, the software has several features that even Woos own plugins dont have, which enable my clients to have both a retail and wholesale store on the same Woo installation, using the same payment gateway, with some same and some distinct products, priced accordingly for each; with separate shipping methods for each; and with the ability to build out dynamic content that switches on user role. The software is flexible and feature-rich, and the support deserves mentioning twice!

- lehacarpenter

Works well!We have used this plugin successfully for a few years with WooCommerce and now also with WPML.

- Turbojohan

Fantastic and Resourceful Solution.This plugin offers many solutions and fulfills anything we need for our B2B store. The Knowledge Base is deep and Support is very quick and helpful.

- ernestob

Fantastic plugin and the support is solid!This plugin has everything we were looking for. Install and setup is simple and straightforward and the support has been incredible. Id highly recommend this plugin if youre looking to integrate a wholesale option into your online store.

- casmille

Great plugin with documentation to match!A very good plugin which has everything I can think of straight out of the box. Most plugins tend to miss a desirable feature or two. This one does not!

- regalguy

Bravo to Wholesale Prices plugin Team !I had a problem configuring the plugin because of WooCommerce Multi-Currency feature that needed to active. Once activated, the WooCommerce Wholesale Prices plugin is very easy to configure in fact much easier that I thought. It is flexible and can accommodate almost any wholesale business. Simply Bravo to Wholesale Prices plugin Team !

- larochemax

Excellent Wholesale Plugin Functionality.We have used the Wholesale Suite plugin on 3 WordPress website projects now over the past 2 years. It has worked well no issues to report. Any company using WordPress and WooCommerce who has a need for Wholesale pricing, Wholesale login functionality, Wholesale signup registration can use this plugin. I recommend this plugin to any of my clients who do Wholesale business.

- mpersinger

Great support.Ive been using Wholesalesuite for almost a year now and the support is great. Ive had numerous questions and issues, but they always helped until it worked the way I wanted.

- jorisgoossens

Great plugin, great support.This is how all plugin developers should work. Make a great plugin and give excellent support.

- gerdenhaan

Great Plugin.Thanks ! Its really easy to use and has all the functionality you need to sell B2B.

- cmac101

Works Great!Used this for a shop so a few retailers can log in and see wholesale prices.

- rjjjc

Quality Support.Great support provided by these guys after a weird bug was exhibiting on a multi-site setup whereby 1 site worked, but the other did not exactly the same code. We got it resolved and its worth noting the plugin works on multi-sites.

- tdrnetworks

Fantastic plugin and great support.I was having a conflict issue on my website. I contacted support who jumped on and within half an hour it was all fixed. Very happy with this plugin and the support.

- paudha

Comprehensive Plugin.This plugin has loads of features giving you a lot of options when managing wholesale pricing in your store. The support is also very helpful. Its a must if youre managing wholesale customers on WooCommerce.

- laughingbuddhadesign

Exceptional Support.We love the Wholesale Suite and no matter when or whatever the issue is the team responds and escalates to ensure any issue is tested, rectified and turned around Fast. I cant say enough to thank them for their continued assistance and support and a special thanks to Josh and Ray personally as our entire business is backboned on this great plugin.

- tljhome

Exactly what I wanted!This is something Ive been looking for for a while and this plugin is easy and simple and does exactly what it says it will do. It has simplified the way I am able to show my wholesale prices, its not a confusing process anymore.

- velecha

Great Suite of Plugins.These plugins are great! The support is good and the knowledge base is quite extensive also.

- danzydesign

Great plugin.Works like a charm and even for me most important the help service is awesome/ When you arent a developer or a newbie they will help you and that is for me the cherry on a cake. The service team is patience and understanding so I would say carry on as I am very happy with you and the plug-in.

- Marion Brouwer

Great plugin with loads of options.This is probably the best wholesale plugin for WordPress. At least the pro version, which I have used for a client.

- Jeppe Skovsgaard

Great Plugin!Ive had an excellent experience with this software. The documentation is fantastic, and when I got stuck, a friendly customer service person showed me what I was missing when I was attempting to set up different shipping rates for different roles. Two thumbs up!

- clawver

Wholesale management for Woocommerce at its best!Wholesale management for Woocommerce at its best! If you truly want to run a wholesale focused version of Woocommerce then this plugin is your solution. I have used it for 2 years without any issues. It lets me set unlimited price levels based on Wholesale member categories and other conditions if needed. My clients love the professional manner in which they are served by this plugin.

- gerrybakker

Excellent support.I wanted to get some values to my PHP-program from the plugin and I got very good help in accomplishing this.

- jenshagman

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