4 Tips For Optimising The Product Retail page

As an online wholesaler, your storefront is your home page and product page. What your product retail page looks like is imperative to your business, as it determines how high search engines will rank your products and how well visitors will turn into buyers and customers. Optimising your product retail page increases your conversion rate […]

How To Keep Your Wholesale Customers Happy

Your customers are your business. Without the customers, you wouldn’t have a successful wholesale business. As such, it is necessary to keep your customers happy and satisfied so that they stay loyal to you and not take their business elsewhere. Happy customers are good, paying customers, and as long as you keep providing what they […]

How To Convert Seasonal Shoppers Into Lifelong Customers

In a year, there are numerous occasions and celebrations that get shoppers hooked up for shopping. But do they return regularly and as often as possible for their needs? That varies whether a shopper is a seasonal or a loyal shopper. Seasonal customers are more likely to come and pass by once and if they […]

Trending Product Ideas For Wholesalers This 2017

As a wholesaler, one needs to monitor the market and consumer trends. They need to know what is hot and what is fading away fast. As of the end of 2016, certain products started making the rounds in the market, and they showed promise for being high-selling products in 2017. Stocking up on these products […]

Best Ways To Handle Customers Who Ask For Refunds

Fascinated by bulk purchases, but alarmed by bulk returns? This could be bothersome, but you need to handle it and learn the best ways to handle customers refunds. Product return is part of business transactions and is something that you need to embrace rather than avoidance. Among all the businesses in the world, it is […]

How To Start A Wildly Profitable Wholesale Business

The really tough part of running a wholesale business is starting one. The really easy part of starting a wholesale business may also be starting one. This might seem confusing, but starting a wholesale business all depends on what industry you want to specialise in. Is it hardware, software, clothes, or services? Is it strictly […]

What is a Product Life Cycle?

All products have a lifespan. We’re not referring to the number of years a cellphone can be used before it needs to be replaced. From a marketing perspective, products aren’t simply viewed as items for use and consumption. They go through certain stages that help marketers plan for possible scenarios that can help the business […]

Hiring Someone to Run Your Wholesale Business?

Every business owner reaches a certain stage where they feel they need to let go of the reins and take a back seat. Most of them ignore this urge because the idea of someone else running a business they built is unfathomable. Even their business advisors may tell them not to get a manager; they […]

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