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Fantastic plugin and the support is solid!
“This plugin has everything we were looking for. Install and setup is simple and straightforward and the support has been incredible.”

Casey Winterblower - Owner at Nimbll

Excellent Wholesale Plugin Functionality
“We have used Wholesale Suite on 3 WordPress website projects now over the past 2 years. I recommend this plugin to any of my clients who do Wholesale business.”

Monte Persinger Headshot
Monte Persinger – Director at IDP

Great plugin and fresh support!
“Had a few problems setting it up right, but the support team were fresh Monday morning, and the mistakes I had made, were fixed fast. Thanks for a great plugin and good support.”

Michael Jensen Headshot
Michael Jensen – Owner at A3

Finally, A Way To Add Wholesale To WooCommerce Quickly & Easily

What are you waiting for? Get WooCommerce Wholesale Prices plugin for free and check out what Wholesale Suite has to offer today.


Free WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Features To Get Started Selling Wholesale

We made WooCommerce Wholesale Prices to be powerful all on it’s own. Better yet, it’s completely free!
It adds all the basic wholesale features you need to effectively start your wholesale journey.

WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing

Easily manage wholesale pricing across your products by fixed price. Adds a new wholesale price field to your product edit screen.

Wholesale User Role

Assign your wholesale customers the new Wholesale Customer user role and immediately grant access to wholesale pricing and features.

Simple & Variable Products

Full support for adding wholesale prices to Simple and Variable products types in your existing WooCommerce products.

Show/Hide Regular Price

Choose to show or hide the regular retail pricing from your wholesale customers so you can customize what they see.

Hide Prices Behind Login

Create a WooCommerce private store for wholesale customers without any extra plugins by hiding prices behind a login link.

Disable Coupons

Choose to disable coupon usage for your wholesale customers so they can't claim any extra discounts by accident.

These free features are just the beginning. When you’re ready, we have a full range of premium wholesale tools that you can leverage.
Wholesale Suite is affordable, so even those stores new to wholesale will find that it pays for itself many times over.

Product Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

To set a wholesale price in WooCommerce you first need to install the free WooCommerce Wholesale Prices plugin. Once installed, you will see a new option to set a wholesale price on the product edit screen.

To create a wholesale website on WordPress you need two plugins: 1. WooCommerce which adds basic ecommerce functionality, and 2. WooCommerce Wholesale Prices plugin which adds wholesale features to WooCommerce.

Once installed, you can install an ecommerce theme and set up your product listings with a wholesale price. When wholesale customers login they will be able to see the wholesale price and place their wholesale order.

Deciding your wholesale price can be done in multiple ways. You can adopt a cost-plus pricing or you can choose a value based approach.

We suggest using our free wholesale price calculator which will give you options on each model.

Add WooCommerce Wholesale Prices To Your Store Quickly & Easily

What are you waiting for? Check out what Wholesale Suite has to offer for free today.


Getting Started With The Free WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Plugin

WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Free Version

Firstly, welcome aboard! You are about to start on an exciting journey. Adding wholesale to your WooCommerce store is one of the best decisions you could make for your e-commerce business.

Here’s what this guide will cover:

      • Overview – we describe what the plugin does

      • Wholesale Customer Role – we’ll explain what the wholesale customer role is

      • Setting Wholesale Prices – we show you how to configure wholesale prices for your products

      • Testing – we show you how to test those prices with a wholesale test account

      • Settings – an overview of the settings available in the free plugin

      • Advanced Features – what is available in the Premium version and it can do for you in addition to the free plugin


    The free version of WooCommerce Wholesale Prices is a fully functional and legitimate way to add wholesale features and will suit many businesses that only require basic wholesale functions. It’s a great way to start with wholesale on your WooCommerce store.

    There is also a Premium add-on for the free plugin which adds additional features as well as other plugins in the suite that add features like wholesale order forms and user management.

    You can read all about those here.

    What the free WooCommerce Wholesale Prices plugin does:

        1. Adds a new user role for wholesale level customers

        1. Lets you set basic wholesale pricing at the product level

        1. Gives you some basic settings to customize common features

      With these three things, you can implement wholesale in your WooCommerce store.

      The above is an introductory video but below, we’ll show you the new Wholesale Customer role and what that all means. So don’t just watch the video and leave, read on so get the full picture.

      Wholesale Customer Role

      The first concept to understand is the new Wholesale Customer user role that the plugin adds.

      Normally, customers in your store will have the “Customer” user role. You can see this if you go to the backend of your website, click on Users->All Users, then click one of your customers.

      Normal Customer

      WooCommerce Wholesale Prices adds a new user role called “Wholesale Customer” so it can identify which customers who should have wholesale pricing.

      Wholesale Customer

      You can give wholesale pricing access to any customer simply by changing their user role to the Wholesale Customer role.

      Want to change the words “Wholesale Customer” to something else? Maybe something like “Trade Customer” or similar? You can do this under WooCommerce->Wholesale Roles.

      WooCommerce Wholesale Roles

      WooCommerce Wholesale Roles Editing

      Next, let’s look at how to set wholesale pricing on a product.

      Setting Wholesale Prices

      In the free plugin, you can set wholesale pricing via the Product edit screen. You might notice in the screenshot below that you see the wording “Wholesale Customer ($):” on the field.

      Adding Wholesale Price To WooCommerce Products

      Adding Wholesale Price To WooCommerce Products

      This is because what we’re actually doing here is setting the wholesale price for that Wholesale Customer user role.

      When you define a wholesale price, the price is related to the user role that you are setting it for.

      In the free plugin, there is only one user role (the Wholesale Customer role) but this is an important concept to understand because you can add more wholesale role levels in WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium.

      Click here to read a full guide on how to set wholesale pricing which covers all the options of the premium plugin as well.

      Once a wholesale price has been set for the Wholesale Customer role you’ll need to test it is working, so let’s look at how to do that.


      Because wholesale prices are attached to a specific user role, only users with that role are able to see the wholesale prices on your products that you’ve set for that role.

      With that in mind, to test your wholesale pricing on the front end of your site you need to log in with a wholesale test account.

      First, you need to create a new user. To do this login to your dashboard, click Users->Add New, give the user the Wholesale Customer user role.

      Adding A New Wholesale User

      Adding a new test wholesale customer

      Chrome Incognito

      Wholesale price shown on front end

      Wholesale price shown on front end

      Next, open up a new Private Browsing or Incognito window. This will give you a fresh logged out browser session.

      Visit your website and log in with the new test user you just created.

      Visit the product where you have set wholesale pricing and you should see the wholesale price there.

      Next, we’ll take a quick look at some of the settings available in the free plugin.


      The settings on the free plugin are pretty light because most of the functionality is covered by the product edit screen and the user role as described above.

      There are a number of settings available for basic customizations.

      You can find these settings by logging into your dashboard, go to WooCommerce->Settings, Wholesale Prices tab.

      There are a number of sub-menus in the settings area:

      General settings tab in WooCommerce Wholesale Prices plugin

      General settings tab in WooCommerce Wholesale Prices plugin

      The first screen you will land on is the General sub-menu which contains the following settings:

      Setting Name What It Does
      Disable Coupons For Wholesale Users Stops your wholesale level customers using coupons

      Price settings tab in WooCommerce Wholesale Prices plugin

      Price settings tab in WooCommerce Wholesale Prices plugin

      The second sub-menu is the Price sub-menu which contains the following settings:

      Setting Name What It Does
      Wholesale Price Text Lets you change the front end text shown to users for the wholesale price on product listings
      Hide Retail Price Hides the regular price from wholesale customers so the only price they see if the wholesale price is set
      Hide Wholesale Prices on Admin Product Listing Controls whether to show wholesale prices on the backend in the Products list view.
      Hide Price and Add to Cart button Puts the store into “catalog mode” so you can show products to guests but hide the price and add to cart buttons.
      Price and Add to Cart Replacement Message Lets you define what to show when the Hide Price and Add to Cart button setting is enabled. A great place to insert a link to your lead capture page.
      Show Wholesale Price to non-wholesale users Lets you show wholesale pricing to non-wholesale or “guest” visitors on your store. This feature requires API keys to interact with the store as a logged out user. Wholesale pricing is shown in a popup. Integrates with the Wholesale Lead Capture plugin.

      The third sub-menu is the Upgrade sub-menu which describes some of the features available in WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium.

      And that brings me to the final part of this guide, getting more advanced with your wholesale operation…

      Advanced Features

      Setting basic wholesale prices is just the beginning. There is so much more to setting up a wholesale component to your store and if you’re serious about utilizing wholesale sales to grow your business then you should consider what we have to offer in the rest of the Wholesale Suite.

      WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium

      WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium Plugin

      Premium is the add-on for the free plugin and immediately it opens up a lot of extra features that will give you maximum flexibility.

      Additionally, some countries require certain specific rules to be followed when selling and advertising pricing to wholesale customers and Prices Premium has been designed to cater to everyone.

      Top Feature Highlights:

          • Set prices via global % or category % in addition to the product level pricing

          • Shipping mapping where to can force wholesale customers to use certain methods and you can restrict certain shipping options to only wholesale customers

          • Payment gateway mapping where you can force wholesale customers to use certain gateways and likewise restrict certain gateways to only wholesale customers

          • Adjust the visibility of products to be wholesale only, retail only or a mix. This lets you adjust variation visibility as well

          • Add minimum purchase rules so you can enforce your wholesale agreements on the order level and set sensible minimums on the product level

        These are just a few of the hundreds of features inside the premium add-on.

        WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form

        WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form Plugin

        The time it takes for a wholesale customer to place an order is one of the biggest pain points you can eliminate.

        Wholesale customers are not like regular retail customers. They don’t want to sift through your normal shop pages adding products to cart that way. They need a tabular form-based interface that makes it fast to add products to the cart in the quantities they desire.

        This is where the Order Form plugin comes in.

        Top Feature Highlights:

            • Your whole catalog on one page – searchable and categorized

            • No page reloads, full ajax enabled so wholesalers can add to cart without leaving the page

            • Slimline tabulated interface that is mobile & tablet friendly

            • Wildcard keyword & SKU searching

            • Hierarchical category filter

            • Permissions control so only those allowed can access the form

          These are just a few high-level features that you’ll give your wholesale customers by using the Order Form plugin.

          WooCommerce Wholesale Lead Capture

          View Plugin FeaturesWooCommerce Wholesale Lead Capture Plugin

          Managing wholesale level customers can be a bit of a headache if you are doing it manually. The Wholesale Lead Capture plugin gives you a wholesale specific registration form, dedicated wholesale login page, sign up email sequences, and your choice of manual or automated approvals.

          It really takes the pain out of manually recruiting & registering wholesale customers which will save you time and let you put wholesale recruitment on autopilot.

          Top Feature Highlights:

              • Pre-fill the checkout fields with the information that you capture during sign up to smooth the first-order process for your new wholesale customer

              • Built-in spam protection with honeypot technology and optionally Google Recaptcha

              • Complete user approvals system which can be based on manual approvals or 100% automated if you wish

            The Lead Capture plugin will make recruiting your wholesale customers and managing them much less painful.

            The Wholesale Suite Bundle

            Wholesale Suite Bundle

            If you buy all three of our WooCommerce wholesale plugins together, in the Wholesale Suite Bundle, you’ll be giving your wholesale customers an amazing experience alongside your retail store.

            These extensions are designed to grow your business:

              1. Easily add wholesale pricing to your products
              2. Streamline your wholesale ordering process
              3. Manage your wholesale level customers

              It’s the best collection of WooCommerce wholesale extensions on the market that you can trust your wholesale operation with.

              Help & Support

              We have a dedicated support team for Wholesale Suite who know our products, WooCommerce, and the industry very well. You’re welcome to make use of their expertise at any time, worldwide.

              If you are an existing customer please go to the support page and send us a message.

              If you are a free plugin user, please send us a support request on the forum, we actively monitor the support forums for the free plugin and help our users there as best as we can.

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