Fox Currency Switcher (formerly WOOCS) & Wholesale Suite Integration

Fox Currency Switcher

Fox Currency Switcher (formerly WOOCS) is a multi-currency plugin that allows customers to switch the product’s currencies. Being a reliable multi-currency plugin that you can use for free from, we decided to release an update where our wholesale shop owners can enjoy the integration between our Wholesale Suite plugins and Fox Currency Switcher.

With our WooCommerce Wholesale Prices v1.12 and WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium v1.25, we now have an integration with Fox Currency Switcher. Whether having simple or variable products, wholesale prices can now be converted to the selected currency when using the Fox Currency Switcher plugin.

Supported Wholesale Pricing Integration

WooCommerce Wholesale Prices

Individual Fixed Wholesale Price

WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium

General/Global Wholesale Prices
User Override Wholesale Prices
Product Category Wholesale Prices

Additional integration with:
WooCommerce Product Bundle
WooCommerce Composite Products

Here’s an example of how our integration works with Fox Currency Switcher:

On WooCommerce > Settings > Currency, you can find the settings from Fox Currency Switcher. In the screenshot below, I have USD ($) as my primary currency and EUR (€) as secondary currency.

Fox Currency Switcher (formerly WOOCS) & Wholesale Suite Integration
Fox Currency Switcher Settings

In this example, we’re looking at the product Beanie, having $9 as its primary wholesale price and currency.

When a wholesale customer logs in, they can view the Wholesale Price in USD by default. If they choose the EUR currency, it will get the converted price from USD to EUR.

Customer checks out with the preferred currency