WooCommerce Composite Products Wholesale Suite Integration

Integration Details

Integration: Full

Limitations: Doesn’t display the total price on the single product page as the adjusted wholesale total. Must add to cart to see the total wholesale price. We display a nice message to indicate this to customers. This doesn’t affect the usage of the integration.

Integrated with:

If you’re looking for a way to offer customizable products kits, then WooCommerce Composite Products is the best plugin to use. It provides product grouping capabilities, flexible pricing features, customizable layouts and supports conditional logic for your product components.

What you can do with this integration?

If you want to apply wholesale prices to your composite products and it’s components, you can use it with our WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium.

Simply add the component that has a wholesale price on your composite product and the wholesale price will apply to your wholesale customers.

Although the subtotal price on the single product page is not shown as a wholesale adjusted amount after selecting the components, you can still view the total breakdown of the composite product and selected components with the total wholesale price when you go to the cart page. 

There is also a special notice shown to customers on the single product page so they know what is happening and that they need to goto the cart to check the adjusted wholesale total for that composite bundle.