WPML For Woocommerce & Wholesale Suite Integration

Integration Details

Integration: Partial

Limitations: Some content on the Ordering Form aren’t translatable

Integrated With:

Partial Integrations With:


WPML is an amazing plugin for translating plugins or themes. This plugin allows your website to seamlessly integrate multiple languages for foreign customers. The plugin allows you to translate almost anything on your website from blog posts, website content, and 3rd party plugins.

 After successfully installing Wholesale Suite plugins and WPML you’ll automatically get a translation for the French and Italian languages. Translation files are located in our plugin folder.

WPML String Translation

This is one of the plugins or extensions of the WPML suite. True to its name its sole purpose is to translate sentences found on your website for the themes or plugins that are installed/activated.

Wholesale Lead Capture: Fully Integrated, you are able to translate any built-in fields or the content of the settings page

Wholesale Prices Free & Premium: Fully integrated, you are able to translate the products and or the contents of the settings page

Wholesale Order Form: Partially integrated. The majority of the strings are translatable, but some strings are not translatable. Full integration is on our to-do list.

WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency with WPML

Integration: Partial

Limitations: Does not support automatic currency conversion, fixed conversion must be used and specified

To use the multicurrency plugin by WPML simply set the exchange rates, the wholesale price will priced at the rate that hs been previously set

When automatic rates are enabled, Wholesale Price remains unchanged.