WooCommerce Wholesale Payments Changelog

This is the changelog for the WooCommerce Wholesale Payments plugin. This plugin comes with the Wholesale Suite Bundle.

WordPress Version: Tested up to latest stable version
WooCommerce Version:
Tested up to latest stable version


  • Bug Fix: automatic update notification availability always shown even after update
  • Bug Fix: PHP notice undefined `$invoice_id` variable

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial Release

Version 1.0.0-beta.2

  • Feature: implements `API Mode` that should enable users to switch Stripe API keys used in their stores to `test` or `live` mode
  • Feature: implement specific users restriction
  • Improvement: changes texts `Upcoming` and `Completed` to `Pending Payment` and `Paid` respectively
  • Improvement: makes custom payment days functionality available by returnin `truthy` from `wpay_plan_advanced_payment_due_days` filter hook
  • Bug Fix: shows `View Payments` button on `cancelled` orders - should be hidden
  • Bug Fix: currency symbol displays as html entity
  • Bug Fix: column `Wholesale Payments` is not visible in orders list table when HPOS is active


  • Initial Beta Release