Can I Leave The Regular Price Blank And Still Have Wholesale Customers See The Wholesale Price?

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    A few users have asked whether it is possible to just remove the regular retail price from their products, but still, have wholesale customers see the wholesale price.

    The result in doing this is that the Add To Cart button is hidden.

    Unfortunately, this is behaviour that is built deep into WooCommerce itself. A product MUST have a regular price set in order for the Add To Cart button to show on the product page.

    The wholesale price field is an add-on field we add to the products in order to capture the wholesale price data.

    Filling in the wholesale price field doesn’t automatically override the regular price, rather it replaces the price on the front end during the price display process and this isn’t connected to the behaviour of the Add To Cart button itself.

    Still need to hide your product from retail customers?

    So what is the solution if you need to hide the product from retail customers but still allow your wholesale customers to purchase it?

    This is where WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium comes in with its product visibility restrictions.

    Using the product visibility restrictions guide you can adjust your products so that they are effectively wholesale-only products.

    Once done, this means you can safely fill in the regular price field (with whatever data you like) and the Add To Cart button will show, but retail customers will not be able to see the product at all.

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