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Ditch the spreadsheets & upgrade your wholesale business today!

Wholesale Suite lets you bring your entire wholesale business online so you can streamline & make more profit.
It gives your wholesale WooCommerce customers an amazing ordering experience alongside your normal ecommerce store.

WooCommerce Wholesale Prices

Easily manage wholesale pricing across multiple wholesale user roles. If you have different prices for products you’ll enjoy the flexible pricing options.

Wholesale Product Visibility

Control the visibility of wholesale products on your via user roles. Make products & product categories show as wholesale or retail.

Wholesale Tax Control

Satisfy your country's strictest tax requirements & control pricing/tax display as required by law.

Shipping & Payments

Force wholesaler user roles to use specific shipping & payment gateways. You can even add optional surcharges.

Min Purchase Rules

Easily enforce order and product minimums. Control min subtotals and/or quantities by user role.

Wholesale Order Form

Our famous streamlined one-page ordering solution that wholesale customers love.

What Store Owners Are Saying

Laura Hartwig

“Makes using wholesale prices simple.”

David Swanson

“Thank you for a great WooCommerce plugin.”

Agentur Roth

“Cool plugin - ingeniously simple, simply ingenious.”


“Amazing plugin that is easy to set up!”

Leo Koo

“Great stuff as usual from Rymera!”

Finally, A WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin That Works With All Your Favorite Tools

We are proud to support 100's integrations with many top 3rd party plugins & tools in the WooCommerce community.

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Advanced Coupons

Lets you to run new types of coupons that help you market your store better. BOGO deals, Add products, auto apply, & more. Use it to target your wholesale user roles with coupons!


Report on your wholesale sales data alongside your regular retail store data. Separate reports by user roles, order data, and more. Level up with better reports & insights for your store.

WooCommerce Product Bundles

Easily make use of wholesale pricing on your product bundles in WooCommerce. Automatically picks up different prices and product visibility.

Aelia Currency Switcher

Aelia's Currency Switcher for WooCommerce allows you to display prices and accept ecommerce payments in multiple currencies.

WPML Multi-Lingual

WPML is the leading multi-language switching solution for WordPress and as such is used on many international stores.

WooCommerce Product Add-ons

Allow additional options on your products and optionally sell these at a wholesale price as well.

Top 3 Reasons People Love Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite is the perfect WooCommerce wholesale solution for your ecommerce store.
Here's why 25,000+ store owners love Wholesale Suite and why you will too!

Adding WooCommerce Wholesale Price To Products

#1 Easily Set B2B WooCommerce Wholesale Prices

Don't double your work creating multiple listings of the same product when you can use our Wholesale Prices Premium plugin to set tiered pricing directly on your existing products.

Savvy store owners are managing all their wholesale WooCommerce sales with Wholesale Suite and providing a better experience for their most important customers.

#2 Provide An Amazing Ordering Experience

A big sticking point for wholesale customers is the ordering. Your wholesale customers don't want to spend hours trawling through your regular retail shop, they want a fast way to order.

Wholesale Suite's Wholesale Order Form plugin will make your wholesale level customers delighted with its efficient AJAX driven, mobile friendly ordering interface.

Increase average order volume and decrease frustration for your customers.

Streamlined ordering with Wholesale Order Form plugin
Recruit wholesale B2B customers on autopilot with Wholesale Lead Capture

#3 Efficiently Recruit Wholesale Customers

Recruiting wholesale customers efficiently into your wholesale program is the key to growing it.

Our lead capture wholesale registration form plugin with built-in user approvals will make that a great experience for your customers.

For admins, you can choose to onboard people automatically or via an approvals process. There's even onboarding emails pre-written so you'll be up and recruiting in no time.

Add Wholesale To WooCommerce Quickly & Easily

From WooCommerce wholesale prices to order forms to wholesale leads. Wholesale Suite does it all!

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WooCommerce Wholesale Blog & Resources

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New Feature! Wholesale Pricing On WooCommerce Backend Orders

New Feature! Wholesale Pricing On WooCommerce Backend Orders

Efficient order management plays a key role in your success as a wholesaler, and we understand that it’s no easy feat! You often deal with multiple wholesale orders daily, along […]

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B2B Customer Segmentation: How To Boost Your WooCommerce Marketing Strategy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wholesale Suite solves wholesale for WooCommerce, so it's perfect for store owners but also great for agencies and freelancers who are implementing stores for their clients. If you are after WooCommerce wholesale features or looking for WooCommerce B2B features then this is the tool that will give it to you.

When it comes to selling to wholesale customers there are three major hurdles you need to overcome:

  • How do you set wholesale prices?
  • How do you provide a streamlined ordering experience?
  • How do you recruit wholesale customers?

Wholesale Suite excells at solving these three problems in a user friendly and intuitive way.

Wholesale Suite is a set of B2B wholesale WooCommerce extensions. You can install them on your website just like you would any other WordPress plugin and it will add the functionality you need to add wholesale & B2B to your WooCommerce store.

There are three plugins included in the Wholesale Suite bundle and you can view their features on their respective product pages:

If you buy all three of our plugins at once we'll give you a discount, you can check out the bundle page here.

We also have a free plugin called WooCommerce Wholesale Prices which gives you a lot of WooCommerce B2B functionality for free.

Absolutely not. You can add wholesale to your WooCommerce store yourself and it's designed to be loved by beginners and experts alike.

We have a number of excellent getting started guides for beginners, so even if you don’t have great technical skills, you’ll be right at home with Wholesale Suite.

Our team builds the product to be user friendly and likeable by developers and store owners alike, no matter what their technical level is.

Definitely not. We have built Wholesale Suite carefully with performance in mind because we know that a fast store is a store that sells more.

We build our wholesale prices plugin to modern standards and keep it up to date with frequent releases. We want to ensure that you are getting the best WooCommerce wholesale plugins when you trust Wholesale Suite with your wholesale store.

Yes, we have great integrations with multi-lingual solutions like WPML and work closely with those partners to ensure we stay compatible and easy to use.

For direct translation, everything in our plugin is fully translatable and i18n compliant and we have a number of in-built translations submitted by our wonderful customers.

Unfortunately not. Wholesale Suite is a set of WooCommerce B2B extensions so it's designed specifically to work with that system.

WooCommerce is the largest ecommerce solution for WordPress. According to BuiltWith, WordPress runs nearly 45% of the websites on the internet.

Wholesale Suite is the best WooCommerce wholesale plugin on the market and we're proud to be a part of the WooCommerce ecosystem.

Of course! We're very developer-friendly and even have a full agency guide to the plugins to help you get up to speed quickly. You'll love our Unlimited Sites license option which gives you the freedom to use it over and over.

Probably! We have dozens of integrations with a lot of the popular WooCommerce extensions in the ecosystem. We always work closely with our partners to keep up with compatibility and ensure a smooth experience.

Check out our full list of integrations here.

Even if you notice the plugin you’re hoping to work with is not on our official integrations list, it’s likely that it still works. Our plugins are coded to work in conjunction with others and most often don’t even require anything special to be done to work together.

Yes, we certainly do! You can earn healthy commissions for referring new clients to us. You make the recommendation, we give them the royal treatment. See here for more information.

We have clients with stores in just about every industry you can imagine. Our sofware is designed to work in any industry.

Click here to read more about using Wholesale Suite for multiple industries.

We encourage our clients to run both their WooCommerce B2B and B2C features together on the same WordPress installs for a number of reasons:

  1. There's only one set of products to manage & maintain
  2. In Wholesale Suite, orders are separated and clearly marked as either retail or wholesale
  3. You can hide non-retail products completely using the product visibility controls
  4. You can even restrict the visibility on individual product variations!
  5. Or you can go the other way around and hide non-wholesale products from your B2B/wholesale customers
  6. You'll save tons of admin time having both parts of your business in one location

Wholesale Suite is a ready to use solution that bolts onto your existing WooCommerce store. Once installed, you’ll get immediately access to all the wholesale features for you to start creating your wholesale store.

But that’s not to say it’s just for existing stores, if you're a new user to WooCommerce you can get going just as quickly with a fresh site too.

The main thing you need to do to get up and running fast is to set up wholesale prices for your products.

This can take just a minute if you use the global and category level % off wholesale discount tools or just make your way through your product catalog and set wholesale prices on specific products individually.

Once product prices are set up if a user has the Wholesale Customer role on their account, they’ll see the wholesale discounts straight away and be able to order.

Wholesale pricing comes in many different shapes and sizes. Depending on how you operate your business, what you do for pricing might be very different from what someone else does.

That's why in Wholesale Suite you can configure wholesale prices in many different ways

Here are some of the options you have:

  • Set wholesale prices individually on each product
  • Set wholesale prices on a category level
  • Set wholesale prices on a global level
  • Set wholesale prices on a product variation level
  • Set wholesale prices on a product variation category level
  • Set wholesale prices on a product variation global level

And that's not all! You can also configure wholesale pricing to be a fixed amount off the retail price or use dynamic pricing with percentage discounts off the retail price.

Lastly, there is also additional quantity based price options configurable for global, category, and on the product level.

If you would like to take a deep dive please check out our wholesale pricing guide knowledge base article.

You can have an unlimited number of custom user roles for wholesale. To register additional user roles you just need to go to the Wholesale menu, then click on Wholesale Roles.

This screen will let you configure what you want to call your different wholesale roles.

It’s important to be intentional about how you name and segregate the groups of your customers and that’s exactly what these custom user roles are for.

The checkout used for wholesale customers is the exact same one that your retail customers will use, but we do give you a few options for controlling what shipping methods, payment gateways and even what surcharges apply.

You can “map” shipping methods to the custom user roles you’ve set up for wholesale. This lets you create shipping methods in zones and have them only available or visible for those wholesale customers. Example: create a “local pickup” option but only make that available to wholesale customers.

Payment gateways can also be “mapped” to wholesale user roles to control which payment options that should see on the checkout. The payment gateway doesn’t even need to be turned on, we’ll turn it on when the wholesale customer goes through the checkout. A good example of this would be a “bank transfer” or “invoice” gateway that is only available for wholesale customers.

You can also add extra surcharges for using certain payment methods. A great example of this in action is adding an extra surcharge for credit card usage.

Add Wholesale Features To Your WooCommerce Store Quickly & Easily

What are you waiting for? Check out everything Wholesale Suite has to offer.

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