How Do I Edit Emails Sent To Users?

WooCommerce Wholesale Lead Capture gives you complete control over the emails that are sent to users as they make their journey to becoming a fully fledge wholesale customer.

To edit the emails that are sent to your new registrations there is a page dedicated to this under the Settings.

  1. Login to your WordPress install
  2. Click on WooCommerce ->Settings
  3. Click on the Wholesale Lead tab
  4. In the sub-menu choose Emails


From here you can edit emails for the following:

  • New User Admin Notification Email Template
  • New User Admin Notification Email Template (Auto Approved)
  • New User Email Template
  • Approval Email Template
  • Rejected Email Template

There are a number of template codes you can use within your email that are auto-replaced with the proper value. The availability of these template codes vary depending on the email template you are editing:

{user_management_url}, {wholesale_login_url}, {site_name}, {full_name}, {first_name}, {last_name}, {username}, {password}

If you are using the Custom Fields on your Wholesale Registration Form, you can also add this information using template tags in your emails. You’ll find the “Show Custom Field Template Tags” option with all of the available custom field tags that you can use.

Show Available Custom Field Template Tags (Click to Zoom)
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