How To Troubleshoot Emails Not Sending

Are your customers having trouble receiving the email coming from your store’s Lead Capture plugin?

There are a variety of different ways that email deliverability can be affected.

Please go through the following three troubleshooting steps and contact support if further assistance is required.

#1. Customise the subject lines and email content of your Lead Capture emails

Some providers are more sensitive than others and they have different filters and rules to mark an email as spam. The content of your email could be triggering spam filters on the receiver’s email service which would cause the emails to be blocked even before they get to the account.

This type of rejection happens a lot on big email providers like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo who are very sophisticated about how spam is handled.

Try changing the subject on your emails. You can do this easily under WooCommerce->Settings, Lead Capture tab, Emails settings page.

Suggestion: Instead of the default “Registration Approved” try something more specific and less likely to trigger a spam filter such as “Your wholesale registration was approved on XYZ Store”

Also alter the body content of the emails to make them more specific to your store and less standardised.

#2. Ensure your domain is allowed to send emails from that FROM address

If you are routinely experiencing email deliverability issues but it seems random (eg. its a problem for some users but not others) then it’s likely not related to your WordPress/WooCommerce installation but more to do with your domain. You are likely experiencing a policy based rejection.

To fix this, the email address you are sending FROM (as set in both Settings->General and WooCommerce->Settings, Emails tab) must be allowed to send from your domain.

This means if you have a email address in those settings, it’s likely that the receiving server is checking against your domain to see if it’s allowed to send on behalf of (which it isn’t).

Suggestion: Try the following which should enhance the reputation of your domain and avoid most policy based rejections.

  1. Setup an email account on your domain, eg. [email protected], which will serve as the FROM address for all your website’s emails. Set this address as the email address under Settings->General and also the From address under WooCommerce->Settings, Emails tab.
  2. Contact a web developer or your web host to ask what the proper DKIM, SPF and DMARC settings should be on your domain to ensure email deliverability.

See here for more information about policy based rejections.

#3. Try using an SMTP server for sending emails instead

If the above two tips don’t get the emails flowing, then it might be possible to switch to using an SMTP server for sending your emails instead.

This can be done by using SMTP via your web host (contact your host about sending emails via SMTP with your hosting account) or via a transactional email sending service like SendGrid, Mandrill or MailGun. Transactional API based services are generally better for large stores to ensure enhanced deliverability.

Click here to read about how to enable SMTP sending on your WordPress installation.

Still experiencing issues with email deliverability?

Please ensure you have tried all three of the above troubleshooting steps before contacting support.

If you are still experiencing trouble, please get in touch and we will do our best to help you diagnose the issue.

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