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How To Change “Wholesale Price” Text In Free Version

In the free version of the WooCommerce Wholesale Prices plugin (download here) we have packed the code full of useful filters and actions that you can use to extend functionality.

One common thing people want to do is change the bit of text that shows before the price on your wholesale prices. This defaults to “Wholesale Price:”

To do this we prefer you don’t edit the plugin code directly as this tweak will be removed next time you update the plugin. Instead, we have a filter for it, just place the code in your functions.php file:

add_filter('wwp_filter_wholesale_price_title_text', 'override_wholesale_text', 10, 1);

function override_wholesale_text($wholesaletext) {
    return 'Trade Price:';

Of course, all of this and more is easily tweakable in the WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium add-on plugin. You can check our KB article here to do this in our Premium version.

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