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Overview Of The Wholesale Suite Dashboard

We proudly present our new dashboard that comes with Wholesale Prices 2.0, if you haven’t updated it already please do so.

Let’s first summarize what Wholesale Prices 2.0 has to offer

  1. Wholesale statistics – A detailed woocommerce reports for wholesale purchases
  2. Wholesale customer statistics – Individual wholesale customers statistics (Total spend and list of orders)
  3. Wholesale order filters – A quick way to organize the type of orders that’s been placed on your shop.

Dashboard Overview

To access the dashboard simply go to your WordPress admin backend and look for the Wholesale tab and click the Dashboard submenu. In hindsight, you are presented with an overview of how your wholesale business is going and useful quicklinks that redirects you to our Knowledge Base, Wholesale Prices settings page, or our Support contact form

Quick Stats

As the name suggests it gives a summary of how the wholesale part of your business is doing, you are able to change the summary date to the last 7, 14, 30 days or the last year.

The green highlighted area represents the section for the quick stats, the red highlighted area allows you to change wholesale data based on dates

To get a more detailed wholesale analysis you will need to go to Woocommerce’s default reports page, you can find the reports page by going to Woocommerce -> Reports -> Select Wholesale Tab or through Wholesale -> Reports -> Select Wholesale Tab

Wholesale, Sales by date

On the Wholesale tab, you are able to sort wholesale data by date, product, or by current wholesale customers. The sales by date will give a report on all wholesale sales based on dates that have been specified.

Sales by current wholesale users will give a report based on individual wholesale customers purchases

Sales by current wholesale roles

Sales by product will give a report based on the number of sales a specific product gets.

Sales by product

Top Wholesale Customers

This section gives an overview of the top-performing wholesale customers. It is useful when you want to provide extra benefits to the user or provide a gift for their continued support.

Top Wholesale Customers Overview (Dashboard)

Recent Wholesale Orders

This section gives a summary of the latest wholesale orders that’s been made in the shop. It comes with a View Order button that takes you to the order details and a View All Wholesale Orders that takes you to the Woocommerce orders page.

Recent Wholesale Orders (Dashboard)

You can easily view different types of orders by changing the Filter. As of now, you are able to filter the orders by Retail, Wholesale or Wholesale Roles. You can also filter orders by a specific wholesale customer/user by using the Filter by registered customer feature

The green highlighted area represents the general filters and the red highlighted area represents the specific user filter

That’s the new wholesale dashboard introduced in the WooCommerce Wholesale Prices 2.0. if you need help with anything please send us a message.

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