How To Translate Fields On The Registration Page

Translations or availability of other languages is really important, especially for the Wholesale Registration Page. Fortunately, all of our Wholesale Suite plugins are optimized for translation. It contains translation strings that can be translated to any language that is supported by WordPress.

The easiest way to translate the built-in fields is by using Loco Translate, PoEdit or WPML.

In Loco Translate, you should be able to find the strings on Loco Translate > Plugins > WooCommerce Wholesale Lead Capture and translate it.

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(click to zoom)

Using WPML, go to  WPML > Theme and plugins localization > WooCommerce Wholesale Lead Capture > String Translation.

Translating Custom Fields

Since the custom fields are user created fields, it must be translated manually by using custom hooks, then add it to your functions.php.

In the example below, you need to change the Field ID, language code, and translation.

add_filter( "wwlc_registration_form_fields", function( $registration_form_fields ) { 

$registration_form_fields2 = $registration_form_fields; foreach( $registration_form_fields as $key1 => $field ) { 

// target the id of type content 

if( $field[ 'id' ] == 'wwlc_cf_bussiness_info' ) { 

case "en": //language code 

if( isset( $field['default_value'] ) )

 $registration_form_fields2[ $key1 ][ 'default_value' ] = "<p>Tell us about your business </p>"; //translation break; 

case "fr": if( isset( $field['default_value'] ) ) $registration_form_fields2[ $key1 ][ 'default_value' ] = "<p>Your French Translation </p>"; //translation break; } 


return $registration_form_fields2; } , 10 , 90);
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