How To Create Multiple Wholesale Registration Pages (Registration Form Shortcode Options)

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    By default, the automatically created Wholesale Registration Page contains the shortcode [wwlc_registration_form], which displays the wholesale registration form as defined in the settings.

    You can use the same shortcode multiple times and to any part of your site. However, there are some cases where you want to create separate registration pages for different user roles or you want to make a special registration page with auto-approval enabled. This is why we have extra shortcode options that you can use for this kind of requirement.

    Wholesale Registration Form for specific user role:

     [wwlc_registration_form role=wholesale_customer]

    In the example shortcode above, the user that will register from this Registration form will have the user role for wholesale_customer. You just need to replace the wholesale_customer to the role slug you want (you can find these under WooCommerce->Wholesale Roles).

    Auto Approval Registration Form shortcode:

    [wwlc_registration_form auto_approve=true]

    The shortcode above will automatically approve the users who register from this registration form.

    Note: If you need to set both the auto-approval and the user role, you can use both in one shortcode like the example below!

    [wwlc_registration_form auto_approve=true role=wholesale_customer]

    You can also add custom redirections for your multiple Wholesale Registration pages. For reference, please visit this article to learn more.

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