How To Edit The Registration Form

A major component of the WooCommerce Wholesale Lead Capture plugin is the ability to sign up new wholesale customers using a special customized registration form.

This form, by default, captures more nuanced information from your potential customers than the regular WooCommerce customer registration process (which just requires email and password).

Built-in Fields

Default in-built fields on the registration form are:

  • First Name (required)
  • Last Name (required)
  • Email (required)
  • Username (optionally required)
  • Password (optional) (optionally required)
  • Phone (optionally required)
  • Company Name (optional) (optionally required)
  • Address (optional) (optionally required)
  • Terms and Conditions (optionally required)

You can adjust the display order of the form fields by tweaking the form order on each field.

Lead Capture’s Built-in Fields (Click to Zoom)

Custom Fields

The registration form can be easily customized.

In addition to the in-built form fields, you can add additional custom fields yourself and the data will be recorded against the user for viewing later.

This can be especially helpful when using the approvals system as you can collect data to be used in deciding if a user should be allowed to have an account or not.

To add a custom field, you need to enter:

  • Field Name (Displayed to the user)
  • Field ID (The name of the user meta in the database. Must be unique. This is handy to know when exporting/importing users)
  • Field Type (Currently supported types are: Text, Text Area, Number, Email, URL, Select, Radio, Checkbox)
  • Required (If the field should be required)
  • Enabled (Enable the field to be included in the form on the front end)
Lead Capture Custom Fields
Lead Capture Custom Fields
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