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How To Style The Wholesale Registration And Log In Forms

We’ve received a lot of request asking on how to style or customize the Wholesale Registration Form.

Unfortunately, we don’t have control of how our Wholesale Lead Capture forms will appear on the customer’s site. The WooCommerce Wholesale Lead Capture Forms includes some default styling based on WooCommerce used tags. And the styling basically relies on the active theme that is currently being used.

If you’d like to make some minor styling changes on the Wholesale Registration Form, a good way to modify them is by using custom CSS.

Listed below are some of the basic styling that you can use to modify your Wholesale Registration Form. You’ll need to put them on your theme/child theme’s style.css file to take effect.

/* Add another column */
div#wwlc-registration-form {
column-count: 2;

/* Adjust the country field top margin*/
margin-top: 100%;


/* Adjust the country field dropdown size*/
#wwlc-registration-form span.select2-selection{

/* Adjust the field size and color */
#wwlc-registration-form .input-text.wwlc_form_field{
background-color: #f1f1f1;

If you don’t have an experience modifying custom CSS codes, I suggest checking other guides like this one which can help you modify your theme more efficiently.

Please note that extensive styling customization is not part of the plugin’s support scope. If you’re looking for further customization, we recommend hiring a designer/developer. And if you’re interested to hire one, we suggest someone from Codeable.

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