How to translate the Access Denied page with WPML

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    In order to create a translation for the Access Denied Message, you will need to create a wpml-config.xml file and put it inside your site’s /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-wholesale-order-form/ root folder.

    Please copy the code below and save it as wpml-config.xml

            <key name="wwof_permissions_noaccess_title" />
            <key name="wwof_permissions_noaccess_message" />
            <key name="wwof_permissions_noaccess_login_url" />

    Afterward, you should be able to create a translation for the Access Denied Message using WPML by following the steps below:

    1. First, create the translation for the order form page
    2. Go to WPML > Theme and plugins localization
    3. Select WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form under String in the plugins
    4. Click Scan selected plugins for strings
    5. Go to WPML > String Translation
    6. Choose the selection in Select strings within domain
    7. Choose admin_texts_wwof_permissions_noaccess_title for the title translation and later after saving choose admin_texts_wwof_permissions_noaccess_message for the message translation
    8. Click “translations” in the list (on the right)
    9. Put the translation for the other languages there
    10. Enable *Translation is complete*
    11. Click Save

    It should now show the correct translation when you switch language in your site’s front end.

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