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Products Are Not Showing On The Shop When Wholesale Prices Premium Is Activated

Having issues with some of your products not showing on the shop page when WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium is active? There are two common causes.

1. Broken Product Visibility

Our plugin has a great feature to set a product’s visibility for wholesale and non-wholesale customers.

However, sometimes when you import your products via an import tool, the product visibility meta of our plugin is not set properly, which is why there’s no product that is displayed on the Shop page. This is because during import, the save routine is not run for each and every product and that is when the product visibility meta is set.

The simple fix for this is to go to your WooCommerce > Settings > Wholesale Prices > Help, and click on the Re-Initialize Product Visibility Meta.

You can run this as many times as you need and we suggest running it after each import.

You can also check this article for further reference.

2. Wholesale Visibility Setting

Sometimes, a misconfiguration of our Wholesale Role Filter setting is the culprit for the missing products in your shop. This mainly affects your non-wholesale users or guests.

To check, go to your Products > All Products and edit the product to check the Restrict To Wholesale Roles if there’s a specific wholesale role it is applied. If the individual product doesn’t have a role restriction, you can proceed to check the Product Category next.

Go to your Products > Categories and edit the category to check the Wholesale Role Filter. If you find a wholesale role it is restricted to, it means that all products under that category will be hidden from other users. Most of the time, the Wholesale Role Filter in the category settings is often unnoticed, which is why products don’t appear on your shop page for guests.

You can learn more about our Visibility feature by going to this article.

3. Still not working?

If your products don’t appear on the shop page and you have tried both of the above tips and you are still encountering issues,  you might need to do some basic debugging. Please try disabling your other plugins and switching your theme to a default WordPress theme, to check if there’s a plugin/theme that produces this issue. We recommend doing this on a staging environment and please also ensure you have taken a backup of your website before proceeding.

If you are still encountering issues with the visibility of your products even after doing the methods above, please reach out to our friendly support for further assistance.

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