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Wholesale Pricing Guide – How Wholesale Pricing Works In Wholesale Suite

Our Wholesale Prices and Wholesale Prices Premium plugins allow you to add wholesale prices to your products. The WooCommerce Wholesale...

How To Adjust Visibility Of Wholesale Products

Controlling who can see which products in your store is really important once you start selling products wholesale. This guide...

How To Import Wholesale Prices And Other Wholesale Data Into Your WooCommerce Store

Whether you’re moving your products to another site or just want to bulk edit the wholesale prices, it’s important to...

How To Apply A Different Tax Rate To Wholesale Customers

In some cases, you may want to have a different tax rate specific for your wholesale customer roles. This could...

How To Hide Retail Categories From Wholesale Users

We have an option to Only Show Wholesale Products to Wholesale customers. However, this feature won’t hide the retail categories displayed in...

How to Set Wholesale Sale Price?

One of the most requested features on the WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium plugin we often received is an option to...

Missing Products When Switching To A Different Language Using WPML

You’ve translated all of your products into other languages. However, some products aren’t available in those languages immediately. Our wholesale...