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What Happens If My License Expires?

When your Wholesale Suite license expires, front end functionality including taking of wholesale orders, receiving wholesale leads, wholesale order forms, and wholesale payments will all continue to work, however certain functionality will become limited:

  • Backend premium functionality will start to be locked
    Your frontend functionality of your website will continue to work, however accessing premium functionality on the backend will progressively be locked until a valid license is entered.
  • Wholesale Order Forms cannot be edited
    Existing wholesale order forms will continue to function as configured but you won’t be able to edit or create new wholesale order forms.
  • You will no longer receive product updates
    You would no longer be able to update the plugin, as such your existing version may no longer continue to work as expected in the future as WordPress and WooCommerce continuously update. It also means that you will no longer receive new features, bug, and security fixes.
  • You will no longer receive plugin support
    If you have an issue with the plugin, you will no longer be able to contact our support team for help.

We want to help you avoid interruptions in your use of our software. The best way to do so is to maintain your subscription and keep it active so it will automatically renew each year without any intervention required from you.

Renew your license in the my account area →

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