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B2B eCommerce For Eco Products Businesses Made Easy With Wholesale Suite

Looking to ramp up your eco products distribution game and reach new heights? Look no further than Wholesale Suite – the ultimate wholesale solution for your WooCommerce store! This powerhouse software makes it a breeze to set up and manage a separate wholesale section on your website, so you can offer your products at discounted rates to your wholesale customers.

Wholesale Suite is designed specifically with eco products distributors like you in mind, so you can scale up your wholesale sales with ease and take your business to the next level. With features like bulk pricing options, automatic price adjustments based on customer role, and a one-page order form, you’ll be able to streamline your wholesale operations and focus on what’s truly important – growing your business!

Don’t wait any longer! With Wholesale Suite, you’ve got all the tools you need to create the wholesale website of your dreams and skyrocket your eco product enterprise. Try it out for yourself today and watch the magic happen!

WooCommerce and Wholesale Suite

Easy Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale pricing, multiple tiers, quantity pricing, show/hide products, tax display, shipping, minimum order & product quantities.

Optimize Wholesale Ordering

Give customers a completely optimized one-page ordering experience that is mobile + tablet friendly and designed to maximize order size.

Get More Wholesale Leads

Capture wholesale customer leads on autopilot and put them through an approval process via a dedicated wholesale registration form.

3 Reasons Why Eco Products Enterprises Are Loving Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite lets you bring your wholesale customers online, simplify your wholesale admin, and manage your pricing all in one place.

Adding Wholesale Price To WooCommerce Products

1. You Can Easily Manage Wholesale Pricing, Visibility, & More

Easily add wholesale price for multiple tiers of users for each of your WooCommerce products.

Set product and order minimum requirements, place additional quantity-based discounts on your wholesale prices to further encourage your customers, and customize your product catalog visibility for your wholesale customers to see.

Whether you’re new to WooCommerce or you’re adding wholesale to your existing WooCommerce-based store, you’ll be amazed at all the wholesale pricing & product options that Wholesale Suite adds.

2. You Can Create An Amazing Ordering Experience

A huge benefit of doing wholesale online is making it super easy to order from you. That’s why Wholesale Suite has a unique ordering form solution so your wholesale customers can view your entire catalog on one page.

It’s all about getting in, getting the job done, and getting out. This makes for happier wholesale customers and happy customers means bigger bulk orders.

Adding Wholesale Price To WooCommerce Products
WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form

3. You Can Recruit More Wholesale Customers On Autopilot

The key to growing your business or sales is to have a pipeline of new wholesale customers.

Our lead capture extension helps you automated the registration process and even lets you add an approvals process. Best of all it’s a great experience for your wholesale customers.

We’ve even pre-written the all of the emails so you can start recruiting new wholesale customers for your business in no time.

Get The #1 Wholesale Software For Eco Products Distributors

Join over 25,000+ companies who trust Wholesale Suite to grow their wholesale business

Reviews and Testimonials Ratings for Wholesale Suite Plugin

Excellent Wholesale Plugin Functionality
“We have used Wholesale Suite on 3 WordPress website projects now over the past 2 years. It has worked well no issues to report. Any company using WordPress and WooCommerce who has a need for Wholesale pricing, Wholesale login functionality, Wholesale signup registration can use this plugin. I recommend this plugin to any of my clients who do Wholesale business.”

Monte Persinger Headshot
Monte Persinger – Director at IDP

Amazing Support
“I didn’t expect the level of service we received from Wholesale Suite Plugin. We had some pretty complex requirements, and after using a different wholesale plugin that just didn’t cut it before this one, we didn’t expect much but were completely blown away by the amount of flexibility this plugin has. contacting the support is always met with someone who knows exactly how to help, and they always try to help and find a solution. If I could give more than 5* I would – highly recommend this plugin for anyone who wants a wholesale area that WORKS!”

Katie – Owner at Avo Digital

Wholesale Suite + Your Eco Products Company

You’ll enjoy plenty of benefits when you power WooCommerce with Wholesale Suite. Our team has put in a lot of effort to provide you with a comprehensive set of tools that can help you expand your wholesale eco products business. These tools will allow you to:

1. Consolidate your entire selection on a single, user-friendly wholesale ordering page.
2. Allow your clients to place orders online at their convenience.
3. Safely accept both retail and wholesale orders on the same store.
4. Hide bulk variations from retail customers while showing them to wholesale customers.
5. Make it simple to bring new clients on board with your eco product brand.

wholesale software landing page eco products

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