How To Add Min Quantity On Archive Pages By Adding A Quantity Selector

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    By default the archives pages in WooCommerce (Categories, Tags and even the main Shop page archive) do not display a quantity selector and have hard coded the add to cart buttons to a quanitty of 1.

    This is fine for retail situations, but for wholesale customers it can be confusing when there is a minimum quantity amount on that particular product and the price doesn’t match up in the cart due to not satisfying this rule.

    The best way to get around this is by adding a quantity box to your archive pages. The WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium plugin will then pick up on this and adjust the minimum quantity to the amount you defined in your product.

    Here’s a quick guide on how to override your loop/add-to-cart.php template to achieve this:

    Now you should see quantity selectors next to your add to cart buttons and when logged in, your wholesale customers will see the correct min quantity pre-filled in those boxes.