How To Set Up A Minimum Order Requirement

One of the most common strategies for wholesale order is the minimum order quantity or subtotal requirements. It’s a fantastic way to boost the volume of items in an order. Our WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium has the feature to set this on your WooCommerce store.

Minimum Order Requirements to ensure that your wholesale customers will not activate wholesale pricing if they don’t meet the requirements yet. Until they meet the requirements, they will see regular prices in the cart along with a notice to tell them how much they need to add before they will activate wholesale pricing.

You’ll find the option to set this in the Wholesale Prices setting. Please navigate to WooCommerce > Setting > Wholesale Prices > General.

Order Requirements Setting (Click to Zoom)

Default Minimum Order Quantity, define a minimum number of items that wholesale customers must reach in the cart before they activate wholesale pricing.

Default Minimum Order Subtotal, define a minimum subtotal that wholesale customers must reach before they activate wholesale pricing for items in their cart.

You can either use one of them or both, you can set it in the Minimum Order Requirement Satisfaction option.

If you set it to AND, both minimum rules must be met in order for the wholesale customer to get the wholesale price.

If you set it to OR, if one of the minimum rules is met, the wholesale customer will get the wholesale price. 

As these rules are applied by default, they’ll apply to all of your wholesale customer roles. You can enable the Wholesale Role Specific Minimum Requirements option if you’d like to lower or increase the minimum rules for a specific wholesale role.

Wholesale Role Specific Minimum Requirements Override Mapping
(Click to Zoom)

When enabled, the mapped wholesale customer role here will get the new minimum order requirement for them as you set in this override.

You can also set up Minimum Order Quantity on a product level. Product > Edit Product > General, which you can combine with Wholesale Order Quantity Step that you can set on the same page. A sample setup is shown below:

In the example above, it’s set to a Minimum Order of 5 with a Quantity Step of 5. So orders would start at 5, and the next set they can order would be 10, 15, 20, and so on. Here’s how it would look on a Product Page:


There are two ways to set up Minumum Order Requirements:

  • Setting it up on a Wholesale Role level
  • Setting it up on a specific Product

Setting it up on the Wholesale Role level would allow you to combine it with Sub-Total Amount, while under the Product level would allow you to combine it with Step Quantity.

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