How To Allow Customers To Request An Upgrade To Wholesale Customer Role

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    There are times when a customer would like to apply for a wholesale role to get more discount in their pricing. One way of notifying the admin/shop owner is by contacting them directly so they can change the customer’s role on the backend Users > All Users setting. But with our WooCommerce Wholesale Lead Capture plugin, the customer can submit their request for upgrade by filling the information in the Wholesale Registration Form. This way, the customer can provide the details that are required for wholesale customers.

    To enable this feature, simply go to WooCommerce > Settings > Wholesale Lead > General and you will find the Account Upgrade setting. Just tick the checkbox then hit ‘Save changes’. You can also enable the ‘Show Account Upgrade Message’ to display a notice in the My Account page.

    This will create a notification in the customer’s My Account page if they want to register as a Wholesale Customer. They just simply click the rquest an account upgrade and it will redirect them to the Wholesale Registration Form.

    After the customer successfully submitted their registration request, the Unapproved, Unmoderated role is given to them in the Users setting. Simply approve the user and it will give them the Wholesale Customer role.

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