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How To Conduct A Basic Debug For Wholesale Suite

Performing a basic debug will allow us to provide better support and faster response times. Every website is unique so these problems will also be unique. However, the thing that remains is the way we debug these issues.

To perform a basic debug we’ll need to do the following:

  1. Update the themes and/or plugins
  2. Temporarily change themes
  3. Temporarily deactivate plugins
  4. Use built-in cleaning tools
  5. Re-enable plugins and themes until the fault re-occurs. This will tell you where the conflict is.

Updating Themes Or Plugins

Sometimes the reason that our plugins aren’t working or if some of the features aren’t working as expected, it’s usually due to outdated plugins or themes.

Most of these updates consist of bug fixes or a new feature that has been introduced. To update the plugins simply go to WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins and click the update now link. You can easily tell if these plugins need an update when you see a number on the Plugins tab

To update the themes, go to Appearance -> Themes

Temporarily Change Themes

Some themes have minor conflicts with our plugins. Most of the time the conflict for themes usually means design issues or if these themes require custom plugins to function.

In general, we recommend using the Storefront theme: Storefront – WordPress theme | WordPress.org or the default WordPress themes like the Twenty-Twenty-Three theme

After changing the theme try visiting your site and see if the problem has been resolved

Temporarily Deactivate Plugins

Most of the time issues with our plugin are due to plugin conflicts. In some cases, it would be the plugin having the same features as ours or if they have a feature that doesn’t quite work with ours yet.

To conduct this debug simply go to WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins and deactivate the plugins one at a time leaving only the core plugins (WooCommerce and Wholesale Suite).

By doing this you are able to pinpoint what plugins are conflicting with each other. Alternatively, you could disable all plugins and enable them one at a time.

If your theme requires its own custom plugins please temporarily switch themes to one that has no requirements.

After each deactivation or activation please review the issue and see if it has been resolved.

Built-In Debugging Tools

If you haven’t already please run some of the built-in debug tools for Wholesale Prices Premium. You can find this by going to Wholesale -> Settings -> Help. Once there, click the “Clear Unused Product Meta” and the “Re-Initialize Product Visibility Meta” buttons

These buttons will fix almost all visibility issues or missing products from your store.

Issue still persists?

After basic debugging and you weren’t able to fix it or the issue still persists please shoot us an email, you can do so here: Support Request Form

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