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Missing Products When Switching To A Different Language Using WPML

You’ve translated all of your products into other languages. However, some products aren’t available in those languages immediately.

Our wholesale price field and all of its supporting fields are custom fields. To be able to translate custom fields, you need to set them as “translatable” in WPML. Please navigate to the WPML -> Settings page, clicking on the Multilingual Content Setup tab, and scrolling to the Custom Field Translation section then set all of the wholesale price-related custom fields to Copy. It’ll copy the value of wholesale prices related fields to other languages as well.

For your reference, please read the following documentation: https://wpml.org/documentation/getting-started-guide/translating-custom-fields/

After doing this, please reset the visibility meta by going to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Wholesale Prices tab, click on Help in the sub-menu under the tabs and then press the Re-Initialize Product Visibility Meta button.

This button resets all the product visibility metadata so your product visibility options are properly respected.

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