How To Let Wholesale Customers Pay Via Invoice Rather Than Regular Gateways

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    While our Wholesale Suite plugins themselves don’t create a special way for users to get billed via an Invoice rather than having to pay (yet!), we do have a great work around suggestion that a lot of our customers have used to let their wholesale customers pay via Invoice terms rather than on the spot with credit card.

    Step 1: Create the Payment Method

    What you can do is rename the Cash On Delivery payment gateway and call it “Invoice”. This is done under WooCommerce->Settings, Checkout tab, then edit the options for the Cash On Delivery payment gateway which is one of WooCommerce’s built-in gateways.

    Of course, you probably don’t want to do allow all users to pay via Invoice terms, so we need to make sure that this is restricted to wholesale customers only.

    By leaving the Cash On Delivery (now called “Invoice”) gateway disabled this will ensure that non-wholesale customers will not be able to use it.

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    UPDATE: We have now created a special plugin to do this properly. Check out the Invoice Gateway for WooCommerce plugin for a better solution to this!

    Step 2: Restrict the Invoice Payment Method

    The second part of the puzzle is to allow wholesale customers access and you can do this with the WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium plugin by setting up a mapping between your wholesale role/s and the required payment gateways.

    1. Navigate to WooCommerce->Settings
    2. Click the Wholesale Prices tab
    3. Click the Payment Gateways sub menu

    Invoice Payment Gateway Wholesale

    From here wholesale users can submit orders just like anyone else via the regular WooCommerce system which is very handy if you have any integrations with your accounting system as the orders get created just like everyone else.

    There is another option though:

    Looking to provide invoices with NET 30, NET 45 and NET 60 payment terms to your wholesale customers?

    You might want to take a look at this blog post which describes a way to use a system called Rumbleship Financial so you can give the option of an invoice with payment terms to your customers without having to draft an invoice yourself manually.

    It’s like the version 2.0 of the above method. The best part being is that you can also get paid in advance and let Rumbleship take on the collection of the invoice at a later date.

    Click through to this blog post and read how it works, then scroll to the bottom and click the link so you can get a free demo and priority service as a Wholesale Suite customer.

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