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How To Let Wholesale Customers Pay Via Invoice Rather Than Regular Gateways

While our Wholesale Suite plugins themselves don’t create a special way for users to get billed via an Invoice rather than having to pay, we have created a new plugin to introduce an Invoice payment gateway on your store. This will allow your wholesale customers to pay via Invoice terms rather than on the spot with credit card.

Step 1: Create an “Invoice” Payment Gateway (Free Plugin)

We created a free plugin to do this properly called Invoice Gateway for WooCommerce. This plugin introduces a new payment gateway to allow users to pay via Invoice.

It places the order into Processing status so you can then generate an invoice in your accounting system and send it to the user. Once generated, you can log the invoice number on the Order.

Once the order is marked Complete it will also record the invoice number on the order complete/customer invoice email.

The plugin also has facilities for adding the purchase order number during checkout.

Step 2: Restrict the Invoice Payment Method

The second part of the puzzle is to allow wholesale customers access and you can do this with the WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium plugin by setting up a mapping between your wholesale role/s and the required payment gateways.

A full guide on payment gateway mapping can be found here.

  1. Navigate to WooCommerce->Settings
  2. Click the Wholesale Prices tab
  3. Click the Payment Gateways sub menu
Invoice Payment Gateway Wholesale

From here wholesale users can submit orders just like anyone else via the regular WooCommerce system which is very handy if you have any integrations with your accounting system as the orders get created just like everyone else.

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