How To Show Product Meta On The Order Form

Our drag-and-drop order form builder gives you many options on how to display product information on the order form.

For the “Order Form Table” section, we have the ”Product Meta” element that lets you display the custom fields of your products.

You can find the custom meta keys that you can use from the product editor page. From your Dashboard, head over to the “All Products” page and choose the product, then click “Edit” to open the product editor page.

You will see the list of custom meta keys at the bottom of this page.

To create a new meta key, click “Enter new”, then enter the name and value of this meta key.


After that, click the “⚙︎” icon of “Product Meta”, then open the “Options” tab where you can add the meta keys. Make sure to hit “Update” to save your changes.

Please note that you can only use the meta keys listed on the product editor page above and you will not be able to use meta keys with an underscore (_) prefix.

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