The Definitive Guide To Getting More Wholesale Customers

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The Definitive Guide To Getting More Wholesale Customers

This ebook guides you through start to finish how to get wholesale customers for your e-commerce business.

Chapter 1
Covering The Basics 4

A Good Website 5 Is your site professional looking? 5 High quality design can be purchased 5

A Landing Page For Your Wholesale Program 7 Pricing & Terms 8

Chapter 2
The First Steps (Don’t Skip This) 9

Doing Things That Don’t Scale 10 Making A List Of 100 Companies To Approach 11 What To Track In Your Leads List 11

Chapter 3
How To Use Cold Contact To Get Turn Leads Into Customers 13

Method #1: Cold Calling 14 1. Make your calls in the morning 14 2. Have a list of talking points, don’t use a script 14 3. Keep your focused on the benefit for them 15 3. Make it habitual and reward yourself 15

Cold Mailing (Also Called Direct Mail) 16 Cold Emails 17 Warming Up Your Leads 17

Chapter 4
How To Use Product Samples To Get Leads Calling You Instead 19

Getting Started With Samples 19 What To Send 20 How To Send 21 Following Up 22

Chapter 5
Approaching Retail Stores 23

Why Are Retail Stores Different Than Other Wholesale Customers? 24

What Do Retail Stores Focus On? 25 How To Approach Retail Stores 25 1. In-Person: Demonstrate & Sell 26 2. Head Office: The Top-Down Approach 27 3. Direct Mail: Write An Introduction Letter To Retail Buyers 28 How To Pitch Your Product To A Store 29 1. Get in the door 29 2. Conduct a great product demonstration 30 3. Use a product sell sheet 30 4. In-person or not? 31

Chapter 6
Other Places To Find Wholesale Customers 33

Identifying Wholesale Customers In Your Current List 33 Attend Relevant Tradeshows & Meetups 34 Profile Your Existing Wholesale Customers 34 Add Yourself To Industry Directories As A Supplier 35

Plan & Execute 36


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