10 Trending Product Ideas For Wholesalers This 2017

As a wholesaler, one needs to monitor the market and consumer trends. They need to know what is hot and what is fading away fast. As of the end of 2016, certain products started making the rounds in the market, and they showed promise for being high-selling products in 2017.

Stocking up on these products would not be a bad idea for wholesalers, as they may just break the profit ceiling for you. Trends come and go, so it is necessary to study the economic trends as they happen so as to make accurate projections for the future. There are so many products trending for wholesalers in 2017, such as skin care products, makeup and hair products, and so many others. This list will include some that may not be on so many other lists, but are truly trending for wholesalers in 2017, and would even inspire other product ideas for this year.

Trending Product Idea #1: Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth headphones, speakers and earpieces are on the rise, mainly because going wireless is pretty hot right now. People are opting more for headphones without wires and cables that tangle and twist and start producing sound in just one ear. Bluetooth devices are essentially hands-free devices, allowing people to listen to music or make phone calls while using their hands to do something else. Also, iPhone has fueled this trend by removing earphone jacks from their products. Bluetooth devices are a great product idea for 2017 that wholesalers should look into.

Trending Product Idea #2: Phone Power Banks

Everyone is on their phones these days. Having to leave their phones to charge somewhere, or having a low battery without any charging port nearby, is a living nightmare. Power banks are a portable answer to dying batteries and an aversion to leaving one’s phone to charge for hours. These are rechargeable, and good ones can charge phones for hours. Power banks are another trend that has been on the rise since 2015, and it is not slowing down anytime soon.

Trending Product Idea #3: Virtual Reality Products

All things virtual reality is on the take now. With Sony’s PlayStation and the recent Pokémon Go craze, including the advent of virtual reality headsets, virtual reality is gaining a strong customer following. Now, other tech giants such as Samsung, HTC, and Microsoft are trying to get a piece of the virtual reality action, and this means the market is increasing for it. Though it is still a bit small, for now, it is growing. Soon, virtual reality products will be as common as iPhones in homes. Wholesalers will do well to watch out for this trend and be prepared to join in the fun.

Trending Product Idea #4: E-cigarettes And Accessories

With the increase on the ban on smoking in public places, e-cigarettes are enjoying a rise in sales. E-cigarettes, rechargeable lighters, chargers, and other accessories are a growing trend in 2017. Wholesalers shouldn’t overlook this niche in the market, as it could prove to be great for customer satisfaction and good sales.

Trending Product Idea #5: Minimalistic Pet Furniture

Pet furniture has evolved. No more neon-pink, leopard print dog cushions or cat tree houses. Now, pet furniture is more tasteful, more elegant, and blends in nicely with the home’s decor. And this is something customers like a great deal. Not just pet furniture, but pet toys as well are a rising trend in the markets today. Big celebrity names like Ellen are making pet furniture and toys that both pets and their owners love, and this is a product idea worth look into for 2017.

Trending Product Idea #6: Oval Makeup Brushes

These started gaining traction in 2016, and they are now a hit with makeup artists and makeup lovers worldwide. With its easy and smooth application of foundation and powder, it’s no wonder that ladies and gentlemen love to use it to apply makeup. Makeup trends such as these are a great idea for wholesalers to invest in this 2017. 

Trending Product Idea #7: Tote Bags

Clutches came in and stole the show, and now totes are making a comeback. Big handbags, beach bags, all these are creeping onto the market like a storm waiting to burst. These bags are great for any occasion, and people are loving them right now. This trending product idea would make some great sales for wholesalers this year.

Trending Product Idea #8: Detox Teas And Health Foods

People are definitely getting more health-conscious these days, and hence the increase in health food trends. Detox teas are having a field day on the markets and ketogenic meals (keto meals) are gaining even more popular every second. Gluten-free products and products that are high in fibre and protein, low in saturated fats and sugars and even water are all getting a growing customer-base on the markets.

Trending Product Idea #9: Customizable Items

Products such as bags, shawls, towels, handkerchiefs, and clothes that are customisable are experiencing increased sales in the market. Customizable items are great as wedding or party favours, or as gifts for that special someone. These items are a great trending idea that wholesalers can use to their benefit, even offering discounts if they are bought in large numbers and customised by a partner.

Trending Product Idea #10: Natural Hair Products

The sales of natural hair products have increased, as people embracing their natural hair textures and reducing their use of relaxers. Products made of shea butter, castor oil, aloe vera, tea tree oil, and the like are getting more exposure and more customers, something every wholesaler wants for their business.

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These trending product ideas are just a tip of the iceberg of what is out there for wholesalers in 2017. Following these trends can only work well if you know your customers and what they want; if you know their tastes and their needs. With these, wholesalers can’t go wrong with their business in 2017.




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