7 Marketing Techniques You Should Use To Sell To Wholesale Buyers

With the Internet, you can easily reach wholesale buyers all around the globe. The method of how to sell to wholesale buyers is made easier and more possible with the right techniques and materials.

It is important to point out that your buyers aren’t just simply buying your products; they’re also buying the brand name. Most customers usually choose to buy products from companies that they recognize and have good standing.

In this post, we will discuss the marketing materials that will aid online business owners to sell to wholesale customers.

7 Marketing Methods To Sell To Wholesale Buyers

7 Marketing Techniques You Should Use To Sell To Wholesale Buyers

1. Establish a connection with your prospective wholesale customer online

Most people today practically shop on the internet. They search and order products online, and that presents a huge market of potential buyers of your products. As business gets competitive, it’s important to find new customers and keep good relationships with your existing customers.

Provide excellent customer service so customers keep buying from you. Offer live chat support so that customers can directly engage with your company when they have questions, clarifications, comments, and suggestions. Reply politely to their inquiries and engage in a conversation with them. Make customers feel important and entertain their questions just as how you would entertain a customer face-to-face.

2. Reach out to wholesale buyers with direct mail

A direct mail is a breath of fresh air in the world full of emails. Although emails contain the same information, direct mail has one aspect of advantage that digital mail doesn’t have- touch. Unlike email in which you’re not sure if your customer would read, direct mail allows you to communicate with your prospective wholesale buyers. Your prospective customers would be able to touch and see personally the products that you offer. You can mail the printed marketing materials directly to buyers.

3. Printed marketing materials

Posters, banners, business cards, brochures, and flyers are just some of the marketing materials that you need to prepare. Even if you have an online store, printed marketing materials can still come in handy. Printed materials and product samples can be used to promote your products to wholesale customers especially when you meet them face-to-face.

An important thing to remember is that the printed materials should work in coordination with the designs online.

4. Make a catchy order form

For most wholesale customers, the convenience of the ordering and check-out is paramount importance to them. The Order Form is a product catalog so it must be able to present necessary information about the products that you sell in one glance.
You can check our helpful post on how to set up a wholesale ordering form in your online store.

Since it’s virtual, it’s important that wholesale buyers will get the same information in the Order Form as visiting your online or physical store. Remember to put professionally-taken photos and important product details in your Order Form. You can use a white background for the photos so that the product will be highlighted. Be consistent and creative on the colors and fonts. Always think like a wholesale buyer.

Here are some important details that should be included in making Order Forms according to Indie Retail Academy:

a. Company name and logo and contact details such as email address, phone number, website address and street address;

b. Item description;

c. Minimum quantities of each item or pack of items;

d. Recommended wholesale price;

e. Bestselling items and product highlight;
f. General information about the product

What makes it unique? For example, is it made from recycled materials? What is the size and dimension of each item and who made the product?

g. Mode of payment

How do wholesale customers pay when they check-out items? Do you accept checks or Credit cards? How about payments in Paypal? Do they pay 50% up front and the remaining 50% after delivery? These are some important things to clarify.

h. Mode and cost of shipment and estimated time of arrival

Indicate how the goods will be shipped and the shipping cost. Would they pay an additional fee for the shipment? Or do you offer free shipping for it if they order wholesale? What is the estimated time of arrival of the items? If you offer worldwide shipping, you can specify shipping for each region.

i. Cancellations, guarantees, and return policies

It should be clear-cut. As the market gets competitive, a satisfaction guaranteed, a seal of approval or money-back guarantee can spell a whole lot of difference for customers and increase happy customers.
You can use the online tool the WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form to start making order forms; let your creativity loose!

5. Advertisements in trade publications

Trade publications are magazines or newspapers that serve the business or business-related audience. Unfortunately, with the rise of the internet and online advertising, there’s a substantial decline on the ads in trade publications.

So, does it still make sense to post advertisements in trade publications? Absolutely! Advertising in trade publications does not only inform a specific targeted audience in your industry, but it also helps establish your brand’s credibility and reputation.

Trade publication advertising is still one of the best means available for building brand recognition.

If you’re planning to hold an exhibition of your new merchandise or to release new designs and products you let your buyers know so that they can attend and meet you. Send invitation in advance so that they can make time to attend it. Highlight new products and special offers on your invitation.

6. Update your online store

Since the online version of your company is important you should make it customer-friendly. Maintain it so that the buyers can access to view your products and order anytime they want. It’s also important that the products are updated and the information posted is still relevant.
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7. Email and social media posts

Email and social media posts can also be considered as marketing materials for selling to wholesale buyers. By offering value in your emails, you can grab the attention of prospective wholesale buyers. Don’t spam in your email; if you’re using automated email service, make sure that you schedule emails with an interval.

You can also run a Facebook ad to target a specific audience. Regularly update your social media pages with helpful posts and information about your product especially wholesale promotions.
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Always Follow-up with Wholesale Buyers

Your responsibility to your customers doesn’t end when they place their orders. You should make sure that their orders are shipped correctly and arrive on time. After which, you can ask for their feedback in order to learn how you can improve your products and services. Through this way, you will constantly upgrade your products and services, and have more happy customers.


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