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How To Always Have Fresh Content To Share With Your Wholesale Customers

How To Always Have Fresh Content To Share With Your Wholesale Customers

Without consistently publishing fresh content, you run the risk of losing out on the enormous possibility of increasing your e-commerce sales. As the internet becomes more saturated, it will become more challenging for you to draw in visitors if you keep on recycling your content.

As a wholesaler, you’ve put in the time, money, and effort to create a powerful website that offers your visitors useful products. However, if you don’t regularly update that site with new information, it may begin to look obsolete and out of date, and your search engine rankings may suffer as a result.

And we won’t let that happen! In this article, we’ll walk you through the benefits of keeping your content fresh and up-to-date. Then, we’ll show you five ways to consistently create fresh content to share with your wholesale customers. Let’s get into it!

Content Marketing And Why It’s Important

Providing fresh content for your customers is an essential part of content marketing
Regularly providing fresh content for your customers is an essential part of content marketing

Finding fresh ideas to keep your audience interested is one of the biggest challenges when managing and running a wholesale store. This is why the majority of wholesalers find it difficult to increase their sales through content marketing.

Let’s briefly discuss content marketing before delving further into the methods you might generate new content ideas:

What is content marketing?

The objective of content marketing is to deliver valuable content to your target audience in formats including blog posts, case studies, PDFs, product images, newsletters, infographics, and videos. Keeping your material industry-relevant is crucial, of course.

Your content should also be tailored for the various audiences you are writing for, whether by addressing their unique needs or answering any questions they could have at any point in the customer life cycle. In this manner, you project the image of your company as a competent, helpful industry leader.

Making it simpler for new customers to find you also gives your present customers peace of mind that they are dealing with the right company. Therefore, while it’s undeniably challenging, you should always revisit your content strategy to ensure that it’s optimized.

Why You Need Fresh Content For Your Wholesale Store

Your website is a real, active part of the world wide web.

Once your website is online, every change you make affects how it communicates with users, customers, and powerful search engines. A static website, on the other hand, may be perceived by search engines as being “dead” or having nothing left to offer to its consumers.

Fortunately, search engines love websites that regularly serve as sources of fresh content and knowledge. Thus, search engines appreciate it when you frequently update your website with high-quality material. As a result, you gain a higher ranking in SEO (a.k.a. search engine optimization).

Regularly providing fresh content is good for SEO
How SEO works (TechTarget)

The more prominently you appear on a search engine result page (SERP), the more likely potential customers will find you and visit your website. And when that happens, more people will become aware of the things you offer, elevating your sales to new heights!

Here are more reasons why you should consider keeping your content cutting-edge:

  • Increased Authority Potential: The cornerstone of building authority on your website is by focusing on SEO. Hence, the more you produce quality and relevant content, the higher the authority potential your site obtains.
  • Fresh Content = More Keywords: You provide your site with even more possibilities to include more keywords when you post new material. Keywords rank highly in search engine indexing and ranking algorithms.
  • Retain and Reach More Customers: Maintaining consistent audience engagement fosters long-term loyalty, which leads to increased repeat visitors who greatly enhance the value of your website.

How To Always Have Fresh Content To Share With Your Wholesale Customers

So we’ve defined what content marketing is and explained why it’s vital to regularly update your e-commerce wholesale store with new information. Now, let’s go over a few strategies you can use to consistently maintain organic and fresh content:

1. Plan and calendar content

Many content marketing efforts struggle in part because there is no real structure or direction to them.

Knowing what kind of content you are producing is the first step you should take to make it engaging and organic. Of course, head-on preparation is required here. You must understand your readership and write with them in mind.

For instance, since the majority of your customers are wholesale buyers, you would want to write about wholesale-related subjects that will interest them. Then, schedule these on a content calendar.

Regularly planning and scheduling fresh content is crucial to a good content marketing strategy
Content Calendar example by Asana (click to zoom)

This way, you can keep track of what you’ve already talked about and what might be of interest to them going forward. It can also give you a broader understanding of what you could have been missing!

2. Refresh old content

Google considers content to be fresh even if it isn’t entirely new. This means that updating your current content will be just as beneficial as developing brand-new pages from scratch.

If you have a small team or are handling all of your content marketing by yourself, you can take advantage of this fact by simply upcycling your past posts. However, there are more incentives for updating outdated and already existent content:

  • Enhances the relevance of your content
  • Improves click-through rate (CTR)
  • Enables you to accomplish more with less effort
Median CTR for Facebook Ads fresh content
Median CTR for Facebook Ads (click to zoom)

The question now is, how do you refresh old content?

There are many ways to do this; you can try, for example, updating your keyword research, changing your headlines, or improving your calls to action. You can even try merging old content with your new ideas.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to updating current information and ensuring sure it’s pertinent to trends or current events.

3. Gather feedback from your audience

When your postings aren’t receiving many conversions, it may be time to get in touch with your readers and followers to see what they want to read and engage.

For example, you can create a poll on your Facebook or Twitter page so that readers can vote on the articles they find most intriguing. Then, once the results are in, give the people what they want by writing these articles.

Additionally, you can browse prior comments on your blog entries or commonly asked questions about your products or services. From there, you can begin brainstorming content ideas. This is a terrific approach to make sure you’re producing fresh content that your audience will be interested in or familiar with.

4. Review results or past reports

You can also consider revisiting your marketing interactions. What kind of subject has historically attracted the most interest? You might want to go over this again because it’s likely that your audience would like to see more coverage of this kind.

Reviewing Google Analytics data can help you come up with fresh content
Google Analytics dashboard example (click to zoom)

You can use Google Analytics, a free tool, to determine which parts of your website are performing the best. Usually, the program will gather data on the number of shares, likes, and comments pages and articles receive.

Once you’re aware of what people enjoy reading, you can concentrate on the most popular subjects and keep building on the pieces that have had the greatest response.

5. Provide replacement content (particularly visuals)

While SEO is crucial, having fresh content isn’t only reliant on how recently you write or publish blogs.

It won’t seem like your wholesale store is still up and operating, for example, if you’re still using product shots from five to six years ago. Additionally, your customers wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate the growth your store has had because this won’t accurately reflect it.

This is why, as a store owner, providing replacement content should also be on the list of your content priorities. One way to do this is by scheduling a quarterly or annual product shoot and updating your product images on your site.

Product shoot for fresh content
Product shoot example

It’s really simple to change your product images with WooCommerce. You may easily replace the placeholder image by uploading your new images to the WordPress media library. Then, simply change the placeholder number to your image ID!

Regularly updating your product images not only makes your product list look a lot better but also makes it easier for customers to see the most recent changes you’ve made to your store.

If you want to know more about how you can spice up your product list, you might want to check out Wholesale Suite’s Order Form plugin. With the help of this premium plugin, you can easily customize your product list and attract more sales!


Leveraging your content marketing plan is an excellent wholesale business strategy to obtain a competitive edge in the industry. Readers and search engines will always favor a source of original and fresh material over a website that’s jam-packed with stale content.

In other words, you make it more difficult for potential customers to locate you if you don’t always have fresh content. Fortunately, we have provided five strategies in this article for regularly sharing new material with your wholesale customers:

  1. Plan and calendar content
  2. Refresh old content
  3. Gather feedback from your audience
  4. Review results or past reports
  5. Provide replacement content (particularly visuals)

Do you have any questions about how to always have fresh content to share with your wholesale customers? Let us know in the comments section below!

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