9 Dropship Directories You Can List Your Store In

It is undeniable that competition is stiff as a lot of online businesses strive to get the attention of customers. If you want to get ahead of the game, you need to be able to get wholesale merchants who are open and willing to work with you. Aside from directly contacting buyers, it’s also advantageous for your business to be found in dropship directories to get the attention of wholesale merchants.

9 Dropship Directories You Can List Your Store In
Here are the Dropship Directories where you can list your business, find manufacturers or suppliers or find wholesale merchants who are looking for your products to sell to their customers.

9 Dropship Directories of Wholesale Suppliers and Manufacturers

1. Worldwide Brands 

Worldwide Brands is one of the longest-running and well-known directory of wholesale suppliers. It is one of the go-to directories for legitimate suppliers or manufacturers. Their site lists certified dropship suppliers, bulk distributors, light bulk suppliers, and a line of wholesale products.

Being listed in Worldwide Brands as a Certified Wholesale Manufacturer will give maximized exposure and brand recognition to your business. Plus, it’s absolutely free! You just need to follow the steps and sign the form on their site.

Another advantage of being listed on their site is that wholesale buyers and merchants will be the one to get in touch with you directly.

Worldwide Brands also has a wholesale scam protection so that merchants only see and deal with legitimate manufacturers who are at the top of the supply chain.

2. Doba 

A lot of wholesale Buyers have also integrated their online stores with Doba. It is both a directory of wholesale suppliers and eCommerce application. For merchants, Doba is fairly easy to set up and build their product inventory. Upon integration, Doba takes care of the order fulfillment and dropshipping.

With Doba, merchants have access to listed wholesale dropship suppliers. Having a centralized system and streamlined order fulfillment does have a lot of advantages for both merchants and the supplier. Doba also offers a 30-day free trial for merchants which is a very tempting offer.

To get listed as one of the certified wholesale suppliers in Doba, you only need to sign up the form on their site. Being a Doba supplier will get your products in front of online resellers and wholesale customers who will handle the selling for you. The platform also lets you limit your visibility to specific registered online sellers. Although, Doba is not free for suppliers, and you need to avail of monthly plans ranging from $29.95 per month to $49.45 monthly. You can access the registration form of Doba for suppliers here.

3. SaleHoo

SaleHoo has over 8,000 dropship suppliers that manufacture and sells products at wholesale suppliers. Many wholesale buyers look into SaleHoo to find legitimate wholesale manufacturers to source out products for their online or brick-and-mortar stores.
To be listed as one of the wholesale suppliers in SaleHoo, you just need to apply on their site by filling up a form. Yes, it’s absolutely free to get listed!

4. Wholesale Central

Established in 1996, Wholesale Central is another wholesale directory that you should target to get listed at. Wholesale Central is that it is free of charge to browse through their list of wholesale suppliers. But charges the fee to wholesale manufacturers or suppliers to get listed on their site.
Wholesale Central also features top suppliers in their website which guarantees maximum exposure.

5. A Better Lemonade Stand

E-commerce site A Better Lemonade Stand listed more than 50 dropshipping suppliers. It is free to access. You can access the Google Doc here.  Although, the Google Doc lists only the name of the dropshipping supplier and their respective niche. You still need to purchase the full directory.

6. Free Drop Shipping List

Another directory of drop shipping suppliers is Free Drop Shipping List. It is not an up-to-date site though so take extra caution.

7. The Watchman Advisors

The Watchman Advisors published a full dropshippers list which comes at absolutely no-cost to access and browse.  You get to know the companies that offer dropshipping services. The Watchman Advisors also featured dropshipping suppliers in different niches such as collectibles, perfumes, swimwear, watches, home decors, organic products, fitness and exercise equipment suppliers, toys, automotive, electronics, computer parts, outdoor gear, to name a few. Contact the author Trent Jessee to get your company name in the wholesale supplier’s list.

8. Drop Ship Access

Dropship Access is a wholesale directory with over 14,000 clients and almost 1.9 Million products at wholesale prices.

9. Top Ten Wholesale 

Become one of the verified wholesale suppliers in this directory by simply filling up a form in Top Ten Wholesale Site.


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