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Create Amazing Automated Up-sells And Cross-sells In WooCommerce

Up-selling and Cross-selling Popups up-sells cross-sells

Want to create kick-ass looking, sales offer popups in WooCommerce to automate your up-sells and cross-sells?

Even better, do you want to do it for free?

Just-In-Time Sales Offers is a free sales offer plugin that lets you automatically show personalised popup sales offers to your customers prior to WooCommerce checkout.

It uses conditions to test what the customer has in their shopping cart. This is used to decide whether to show the Offer to them or not. This makes it 100% hands-free for you to implement personalised shopping suggestions as your customers are browsing around your website.

Download from WordPress.org Read more about Just-In-Time Sales Offers

Product Quantity In Cart up-sells cross-sells


The conditions can be things like “Product Quantity In The Cart” which test the shopping cart to see if products with specific quantities.

This example is testing whether a product called Woo Single #2 (a demo product) is in the cart with the exact quantity of 1. If that condition is satisfied, then the popup offer will show.

You can then setup “actions” to take place if they accept or decline the offer.

Acceptance Actions

For acceptance you can do things like automatically adding products or coupons to their cart. You can also automatically remove products or coupons from the cart.

The above example shows how easy it is to setup products and coupons to be added to the cart when the Offer is accepted.

This automatic action taking is super handy for up-sells and cross-sells. You want to give the customer a specific deal, but don’t want to make them to add the product themselves and apply a coupon manually.

It does the hard work for them and that makes it a much smoother transaction.

Download from WordPress.org Read more about Just-In-Time Sales Offers

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