Wholesale Prices Integrated With EU VAT Number Plugin

EU VAT Number Integration

Recently we were made aware of a great little plugin which is popular in the European Union. This plugin helps with the complicated business of VAT tax and ensuring your customers are appropriately charged.

The EU VAT Number plugin available on WooThemes for $29 is a good buy and makes this much simpler.

This extension provides your checkout with a field to collect. It also validates a customer’s EU VAT number if they have one. Upon entering a valid VAT number, the business will not be charged VAT at your store.

The validation function uses the handy European VAT Number Validation API.

We decided to integrate this for our WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium customers so they can enjoy on the fly VAT number validation for their wholesale customers as well. This is now integrated as of version 1.7.3 so please upgrade to get this new feature!


6 thoughts on “Wholesale Prices Integrated With EU VAT Number Plugin

  1. I bought EU VAT Number plugin as you suggested on this page. Can you please tell me how and where to link this VAT number to the Registration Form Fields (until now we use a custom field but there’s no connection between these fields). Also I wonder where the VAT number is visible to an Admin but maybe that is something I should ask WooCommerce themselves. Appreciate if you get back to me on this one!

    1. Hi Verwer,

      We’ve integrated with EU VAT Number for the pricing/checkout side, but lead capture does not capture and store those details against the user, they’re entered by the user during checkout.

      Hope this helps clear it up!

  2. Hi Josh,

    Is it possible to add the vat with validation on the registration? Any snippet available for that?

    1. Hey, there’s a bunch of VAT type checkout plugins on the market. I like Aelia WooCommerce EU VAT Assistant myself and we have a full integration with them.

  3. Hi, can you be more thorough explaining what is the integration of EU VAT Number? Why is there no possibility to have the field of EU VAT Number in Lead Capture? Not even through a hook? B2B selling is getting complicated …

    1. Hi metaline, I recommend you look at our Integrations page, there’s are also other options for EU VAT (eg. the Aelia version) which might be more complete. For the lead capture thing, we can help you with a post-approve code snippet (similar to this one: https://wholesalesuiteplugin.com/kb/send-user-information-zapier-approval/) which you can use to set the value in the user’s meta (or whatever else you need to do with that value). Please write in to support.

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