How To Grant Store Credit After Becoming A Wholesale Customer In WooCommerce

How To Grant Store Credit After Becoming A Wholesale Customer In WooCommerce

Encouraging users to sign up as wholesale customers to your store is a great first step in driving sales. Once a user shares personal information with you, they’re much more likely to make the first purchase. That applies even more if you offer customers store credit for signing up to your store.

With the right plugin, you can configure WooCommerce to give store credits to any user that you want. Advanced Coupons enables you to do just that. If you combine Advanced Coupons with Uncanny Automator, you can automate the whole process for new users making it easier to use this function in your store.

In this article, we’ll talk about how store credits work in WooCommerce. Then we’ll show you how to grant store credits to new wholesale customers in WooCommerce. Let’s get to it!

An Introduction to Store Credit in WooComerce

WooCommerce doesn’t offer store credits as a feature out of the box. You can offer customers basic coupons, but there’s no way for users to “apply” or save those coupons as credits in their account.

Advanced Coupons adds a store credit system to WooCommerce, and it’s available with the free version of the plugin. After you enable the plugin, you can jump to the Coupons > Manage Store Credits > Customers tab and check how many credits each customer has:

Adjusting store credits in WooCommerce
(click to zoom)

From this dashboard, you can adjust customers’ credits manually. That means if a new customer signs up, you can give them a welcome bonus in the form of store credit:

Adjusting store credits in WooCommerce
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Although the system works, it can be improved on with automation. If you use Uncanny Automator Pro, the plugin can integrate with Advanced Coupons to help you assign store credits automatically. However, we’re still missing one final piece of the integration – the wholesale customer role.

How To Grant Store Credit After Becoming A Wholesale Customer In WooCommerce (2 Steps)

For this automation to work, you’ll need three components. Those are Advanced Coupons, the Wholesale Bundle, and Uncanny Automator Pro. Advanced Coupons adds store credits to WooCommerce, and the Wholesale Bundle adds the wholesale customer role to WordPress. Uncanny Automator Pro closes the gap by connecting those components. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Create a recipe and add a trigger

To get started, go to Automator > Add new and select the Logged-in users option. This makes it so that the automation only applies to users with registered accounts that login to WordPress:

Creating a WooCommerce recipe for logger-in users
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On the next page, add a name for the recipe. This is for internal identification purposes only. Next, select the WordPress option under Triggers:

(click to zoom)

Uncanny Automator will show a list of the available triggers for WordPress. One of those options reads A specific role is added to the user. Select that option and look for the Wholesale Customer role in the new menu that will pop up below:

Configuring a trigger using Uncanny Automator
(click to zoom)

If the Wholesale Customer role doesn’t appear in the Role menu, make sure that the Wholesale Bundle is active on your site. Once you set the correct role, click on Save and let’s move on to the action part of the recipe.

Step 2: Configure how many store credit to give to new wholesale customers

After you configure the trigger, move on to the Actions portion of the recipe and select the Advanced Coupons option. Keep in mind this option will only be available if you’re using Uncanny Automator Pro:

Selecting an action for an Uncanny Automator recipe
(click to zoom)

Now select the option that says Add a specific amount of store credit to the user’s account. At this stage, Uncanny Automator will ask you to set the amount of credit that you want to give to new users:

Configuring the amount of store credit to offer new wholesale customers
(click to zoom)

Save the value that you want and that’s it! The recipe will automatically add the amount of store credit that you set to any new users that receive the Wholesale Customer role upon registration.

Ideally, we recommend that you find a way to let visitors know that if they register, they can get a discount on their first order. Wholesale customers are all about savings, so this can be a fantastic way to incentivize them to make the first purchase.


Offering discounts on the first purchase is a surefire way to get users to register and go through with the checkout process. For a wholesale store, we recommend that you take it a step further. Instead of offering a discount on the first purchase, give new wholesale customers store credit that they can use whenever they want.

To do this, you’ll need the free version of Advanced Coupons, the Wholesale Bundle, and Uncanny Automator Pro. With those three elements in place, follow these two steps:

  1. Create a recipe and a trigger.
  2. Configure how many store credit to give to new wholesale customers.

Do you have any questions about how to give store credit to new users? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below!


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