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Lead Generation Outreach: 6 Best Tips On How To Attract New Wholesale Customers

lead generation outreach: how to attract new wholesale customers

Many businesses struggle with lead generation. After all, with so much competition out there, attracting new wholesale customers can be quite a challenge. Not to mention it’s tough to know if your offer will resonate with people, let alone capture their interest.

But fear not! Because there are ways to keep potential customers engaged and excited about your offerings.

Nowadays, entrepreneurs are going all-in on their online marketing efforts to attract the right customers. The good news is that you too can do the same without breaking the bank – all it takes is a bit of grit and determination to leave a lasting impression. Not to mention you can now take advantage of powerful e-commerce tools that can enhance your ability to capture leads.

So, what strategies can you employ to encourage customers to do business with you?

Keep reading to find out!

lead generation outreach: how to attract new wholesale customers

Lead Generation Through Outreach: 6 Powerful Strategies To Attract New Wholesale Customers

Effective customer engagement is key to attracting new wholesale clients as well as keeping the attention of existing ones. And among the best ways to get people hooked is to reach out to them in a way that’ll pique their interest.

Below, we’ll discuss six effective outreach strategies that can boost your lead generation ability. So let’s get started!

1. Cold call your prospects

Cold calling is defined as contacting or visiting a prospect without previously setting an appointment with them. It could also mean calling a prospect for a sales appointment otherwise known as cold canvassing. Basically, this method involves making unsolicited phone calls to strangers in order to generate sales or seek donations.

As a lead generation technique, cold calling can be a bit tricky to execute. So, what should you do to boost your chances of gaining new customers?

First of all, choose a target area. While it’s possible to reach out on a global scale, we recommend focusing on local areas first. For example, you can start with your own region or state, only expanding to other locations as your business grows.

Next, get an accurate measure of your business size and only accept consumers who can meet your preferred standards.

Lastly, get in touch with your prospects by calling them. Make sure to reach out to them at their most convenient time; no one appreciates getting a call after midnight! Again, don’t set any appointments; a cold call is essentially a surprise call, only your objective is to grow your client base through the promotion of your products.

2. Take advantage of Pay Per Click campaigns

Also known as PPC, Pay Per Lick is an internet marketing campaign wherein the advertiser pays a fee every time someone clicks the ad they posted. Basically, it’s like “buying” the visits to your website or blog.

Among the most popular forms of Pay Per Click is search engine advertising. This allows the advertisers to bid for a rank or placement in a search engine’s sponsored links. Thus, when someone looks up a keyword related to the advertiser’s business, their ad will show up on the top spot of Google’s results page.

To ensure effective lead generation, target keywords that are related to your niche. In addition, set up a good landing page for people who are visiting your website.

Once you’ve captivated the interest of potential customers, entice them with a compelling pitch that highlights the unique advantages of your products. Delve into the details of your proposed partnership and offer them a wholesale registration form so they can sign up as your customers.

lead generation outreach: how to attract new wholesale customers

3. Offer free product samples

Among manufacturing companies, sending free product samples to consumers is one of the most commonly used lead generation strategies.

As a wholesale company, you can take advantage of this technique, as well. To be successful at it, you need to commit to sending out samples either weekly or monthly.

But don’t stop there! The week after you’ve delivered your samples, make sure to follow up with their recipients by phoning them. This creates a good opportunity for you to gauge their interest in your items and offer further assistance.

Furthermore, get creative with your samples. Include exciting add-ons that will grab your prospects’ attention and make them want to chat more during the follow-up call. These conversations can lead to engaging discussions and build rapport with potential buyers.

4. Attend trade shows

Trade shows offer fantastic opportunities to generate leads and connect with potential customers and business owners. In addition, they provide the perfect platform to showcase your products and offer free samples, allowing you to leave a lasting impression on attendees.

To ensure success at a trade show, you should approach it strategically. Engage with potential customers by actively promoting your brand, highlighting your unique selling points, and demonstrating your expertise. Connect with others in your niche, sharing ideas and building relationships that can lead to long-term partnerships.

Be transparent and direct in your communication. Don’t shy away from asking for referrals and contact information, as these can be invaluable resources for capturing leads after the show. Remember, the goal is to establish yourself as a trustworthy and reliable business partner, so always be honest and upfront in your dealings with others.

lead generation outreach: how to attract new wholesale customers

5. Fill in orders ASAP

Speeding up the fulfillment of orders keeps your customers happy.

There are many ways to accelerate order fulfillment. All you need is a well-trained and efficient team that can get orders out the door with lightning-fast speed – no sophisticated management software required!

Of course, implementing management software can provide certain advantages. However, you should always leverage your existing resources to streamline your fulfillment efforts.

6. Communicate regularly

It’s crucial to keep your retailers in the loop to ensure they can manage their timelines effectively.

Send them regular updates on their order process, including detailed order confirmations, tracking information, and delivery status. Additionally, you should update them about your latest product releases, as this is a great way to foster strong relationships.

Providing your retailers with this level of communication and transparency can save them valuable time and eliminate the need for constant calls and email checks. Keep your retailers informed and you’ll build a loyal customer base that trusts your brand!

lead generation outreach: how to attract new wholesale customers

Collecting Data Matters

One of the easiest ways to find wholesale customers is to examine your own customer base to gather the information that can help you in the future. You can do this by narrowing down the list of what you’re looking for, then finding the retailers you can convert into wholesale customers.

Here are some steps to take if you wish to determine who among your clientele can become your wholesale customers:

  1. Separate your business customers from your regular customers. A business customer typically provides a company name upon registration on your site.
  2. Export your full customer list.
  3. Narrow down your list of customers further by selecting those who’ve made more than one purchase.
  4. Phone the customers remaining on your list. While you can send them emails instead, we suggest calling them. Communication via the phone is more personal. so it allows you to form a deeper connection with your wholesale customers.

You can also collect information on your potential wholesale customers through platforms including but not limited to the following:

  • The author page
  • The Contact Us and About Me/Us pages
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn connections
  • Twitter accounts
  • Spokeo
  • Local directories
  • Blogging groups/communities
  • Emails campaigns

Take note that while you can use some of these platforms for free, others require a membership fee.

lead generation outreach: how to attract new wholesale customers

More Lead Generation And Outreach Tips

Attracting new wholesale customers is not impossible. In fact, it can be done systematically. You just have to find that string that connects your business to your prospects and vice versa.

Don’t be afraid to try new approaches, and exhibit enthusiasm when promoting your products. Be an assertive communicator but not an aggressive one; you’ll win more customers this way. Also, make sure to provide prospects with useful information and connect them with proper channels that can help.

Show your interest in your customers not only because you want to make sales. Remember: being genuine and likable can break the barriers between seller and buyer. So don’t just promote yourself, promote your prospects, as well.

Avoid using false advertisements as these could ruin your credibility. Create a pathway where communication is clear and your customers can feel free to express their concerns.

Train your team to be empathetic and honest. Help them develop their communication skills so that they can follow up on leads.

Lastly, be the example that you want your team to be. Your positive attitude and stellar work ethic will not only inspire your staff but also win over new wholesale customers.

Wholesale Suite and Wholesale Lead Capture

Earlier, we mentioned tools that can enhance your ability to capture leads.

Wholesale Suite is a set of tools designed to help wholesale customers. Specifically, it allows you to take advantage of online resources to streamline your wholesale business so that you can reach a wider audience and improve your sales.

One tool, in particular, provides store owners with an easy yet efficient way to capture new wholesale customers. We call this tool Wholesale Lead Capture.

Wholesale Lead Capture gives you powerful tools to recruit wholesale customers

Here are just some of the key features you can expect from Wholesale Lead Capture:

  • Website user moderation
  • A user-friendly registration form builder
  • Email templates and email automation
  • A comprehensive system for approving users
  • Customizable fields
  • Quick, automatic setup

Eager to make the lead generation process as simple as it is effective? Then check out Wholesale Lead Capture here!


While lead generation can be challenging, the right outreach strategies can boost your chances of acquiring new wholesale customers.

To summarize, you can use the following outreach strategies to ensure successful lead generation:

  1. Cold call your prospects
  2. Take advantage of Pay Per Click campaigns
  3. Offer free product samples
  4. Attend trade shows
  5. Fill in orders ASAP
  6. Communicate regularly

Do you have any questions about lead generation and outreach strategies? How about Wholesale Lead Capture, the e-commerce tool that can boost your store’s lead generation ability? Let us know in the comments section below!

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