[Store Owner Interview] How Chris From Black Project Paddle Board Equipment Is Saving His Business During COVID-19 Crisis

I love waking up to emails from customers and this morning I saw one from Chris in Hawaii who just purchased Wholesale Suite.

He is in the sports industry selling paddle board paddles and fins, equipment that is quite important for both professional paddleboarders and amateurs alike.

It’s an interesting space to be in right now as many countries close their borders and put their citizens on lockdown. Many of his retailers have had to close their retail stores.

I interviewed Chris about his situation and the moves he’s making to save his business during this Coronavirus/COVID-19 worldwide crisis.

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Chris has that classic hardworking attitude and positive fiber that many of us store owners possess. He’s leaning into the problem and taking back control in the ways he can and he has some great advice for other store owners who are in similar positions as he is.

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