New Feature! Upgraded Wholesale Dashboard In Wholesale Prices 2.0

New Feature! Upgraded Wholesale Dashboard In Wholesale Prices 2.0

Wholesale Suite is the best in providing the total wholesale experience for your store. We constantly upgrade our features to meet the requirements of your fast-growing businesses. That’s why we are happy to announce that we now have a new and improved wholesale dashboard.

It’s a fresh update included in Wholesale Prices 2.0. Please update now and enjoy the important features included in the new version.

What’s New In Wholesale Prices 2.0?

We started upgrading the wholesale dashboard based on customers’ needs. What can benefit their growing stores? What do they need to improve their overall productivity?

Business owners need a reliable tool that shows statistics to help with their stores. With that, we created useful features to be free for all to use as part of the free Wholesale Prices Plugin for WooCommerce. Have a look at the exciting features of Wholesale Prices 2.0!

  1. Wholesale statistics – lets you view extensive reports for your wholesale purchases. 
  2. Wholesale customer statistics – allows you to see individual wholesale customer statistics. It also displays total spending and a list of orders.
  3. Wholesale order filters – an efficient and fast way to organize the type of orders that were placed in your shop.

An Overview Of The Updated Wholesale Dashboard For Wholesale Prices 2.0

To start, go to your WordPress admin backend and access your dashboard. Search for the Wholesale tab then click the Dashboard submenu. 

An overview of your business will be displayed. It will include quick links that lead to our Knowledge Base, Wholesale Prices settings page, and a Support contact form.  

wholesale dashboard
(click to zoom)

Quick Stats In Wholesale Dashboard

This displays a summary of the status of your wholesale business. You may change the summary date to the last 7, 14, 30 days or last year’s performance. 

quickstats wholesale dashboard
The green highlighted area represents the section for the quick stats, the red highlighted area
allows you to change wholesale data based on dates. (click to zoom)

To view a more thorough wholesale analysis, simply visit the default page of WooCommerce. 

Once there, go to Reports then Select Wholesale Tab. You may also see a detailed wholesale in WooCommerce by going to Wholesale then Reports, and Select Wholesale Tab.   

statistics wholesale dashboard
Wholesale, Sales by date. (click to zoom)

The Wholesale Tab allows you to sort wholesale data according to date, product, or by present wholesale customers.

Meanwhile, the sales by date will display a report on all your wholesale sales according to your chosen specified dates. On the other hand, the sales by current wholesale users provide you with a summary based on customers’ individual wholesale purchases. 

customers wholesale dashboard
Sales by current wholesale roles. (click to zoom)

Finally, sales by product will display a report showing the number of sales of a specific product. 

products wholesale dashboard
Sales by product. (click to zoom)

Top Wholesale Customers

This part provides a great overview of your top-performing wholesale customers. It is helpful when you want to give gifts or extra benefits to the customer for their continued support. 

recent wholesale dashboard
Top Wholesale Customers Overview. (click to zoom)

Recent Wholesale Orders

This displays a summary of recent orders made in your store. It is equipped with a View Order Button that leads you to the order details. Below, a View All Wholesale Orders is available that takes you to the WooCommerce order page.  

recent wholesale
Recent Wholesale Orders. (click to zoom)

The Filter is used to seamlessly view different types of orders. You can filter them according to Retail, Wholesale or Wholesale Roles. It also allows you to sort out orders by a certain wholesale customer or user simply by choosing the Filter by registered customer option. 

wholesale orders
The green highlighted area represents the general filters and the red highlighted area represents the specific user filter. (click to zoom)

We hope you are as excited as we are with the upgrades from Wholesale Prices 2.0!  If you have any concerns, suggestions, or feedback, please feel free to send us a message.

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