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Using Psychology To Create Effective Logo Designs

Have you ever found yourself quick to remember the logos of some companies while some you don’t?

Logos are the face of a company. It is what your clients are likely to see first, and it is what they are likely to remember whenever they come across your products. For this reason, it is really important to have a good logo to remember your company by.

Creating an effective logo is more than just combining a design and colors. Your logo should contain many variables before you finally use it. All the factors that you will put on your business logo can help determine how successful it will be.

A significant element that you should consider during your logo design is customer psychology. When you create a logo, use colours that will put your clients in the mood to do business with you. For example, the colour red is known to trigger hunger pangs. This is especially useful if you are in the restaurant business. You might want to consider using red if you are in the food industry.

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The following are some of the psychology you can take note of when creating a logo for your business:

Psychology Of Shapes

Shapes are known to have some psychological effects on the customers. You can use different shapes in your logo which can send a message to your clients. For instance, in psychology, circles are known to convey the message of togetherness or a community or femininity. A rectangle, on the other hand, is known to give the sense of logic, while triangles convey the message of strength or masculinity.

The shape that you will choose for your logo can have an impact on your customers. So, if you are dealing with women products, it may be useful to add a circle on your logo or if your products are meant for the male, use a triangle.

Depending on the kind of business you are doing, a combination of the right colours and shapes will attract many customers to your business.


Another important element that you should consider when designing your logo is the selection of colour.

The colour that you choose should attract your customers to your business. For example, blue gives a sense of comfort, and a black colour gives a sense of sophistication, while red will make you feel hungry. White generates a feeling of purity, security or creativity. It gives your customer a sense of a clean slate to work on. While green creates a sense of nature, peace, money or health and creates a sense of calmness.

The colour you use on your logo can adopt this psychology to easily get your message across.


Another psychological thing to consider during logo designing is your brand. You are probably not the only person in the business who is selling the goods and services that you are offering. Still, you want to be associated with the products and services that you sell. Your logo should be top of mind when they see a product you carry.

Take a moment and remember all the brands that you recognise and their associated products or services. Some of these brands can be easily remembered when thinking about a certain product. This is the same effect that you should strive to achieve with your logo.

When you are designing your logo, let this saying be your motto, “Less is more”. If you make a very complicated logo, it will be hard for your customers to understand it or even remember it. You might come up with a beautiful logo, but if your clients cannot instantly relate it to your business, then your logo might not be working as you intend it to be.

A simple logo is easy to remember, easy to understand and easy to relate to your business.


You may come up with a great logo with the right colour shades and shapes but what about its readability?

Are the fonts that you use legible? Does it go well with the design and overall aesthetic? Does the font distract you from the message?

There are several options of fonts out there that you can use when designing your logo. It is very easy for you to be carried away with some fancy and elaborate letters. But when selecting the font to use, ensure that you have your customers at the back of your mind.

Many customers wouldn’t want to spend much of their time looking closely at your logo trying to find out what is written on it. Too complicated fonts can take so much away from the point of the logo. Choose fonts that are sharp and crisp so that your customers can easily read it.


When you make a logo for your business, remember that you are likely to use that logo on different types of media platforms either for advertisement on newspaper or your business cards.

Your customers should be able to identify the fonts, colours and symbols in every place that your logo would appear in. It helps when your clients and potential customers can identify your business quickly with your logo no matter where they may see it.

The consistent and visible use of your logo on your business collaterals shows professionalism. Having your clients easily remember your logo as compared to your competitors’ helps your business. Your brand reminds your customers what services and products you offer. This can encourage your customers into buying from you again and again.

A good logo can help your business stand out. If you can design your logo effectively, it can be a very powerful tool for attracting customers to your business.

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